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[Pinned] Can we use it in education?

So what is Gamification?To start why don't you take a look at how marketers do it?26 elements of a Gaming Marketing StragetgyThen take a look a this slideshare entitled Games, Gamification and the Need for Engaging Learners by Karl Kapp, the autho...
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What’s the Difference Between Games and Gamification? A concise summary from KQED

This is from MindShift on KQED.What’s the Difference Between Games and Gamification?"The best way to think about games in education is not to automatically call everything that looks like fun a “learning game.” Lumping all digital game approaches ...
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The Risks of Rewards

I wrote a piece for the TL-DR blog on the concerns of using rewards and reward-based gamification. My goal was to consisely present the major concerns.You can see this piece at
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Difference between gamification and educational games

One of the things that concerned me about the "Introduction to Gamification" video is that it doesn't actually introduce what gamification is, and instead, mixes in games of different types as examples along with gamification systems and game elem...
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Gamification according to Google: Meaningful Play--Sebastian Deterding Nicholson mentioned Sebastian Deterding in his post about the difference between educational games and gamification. This is an hour long google talk by Sebastian entitled Meaningful Play Here is an...
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