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I tank therefore I am.

I've always been a gamer playing pretty much anything I could access. Growing up I played a lot of games: card games, board games, D&D, organized and intramural sports, and worshiped at the altars / consoles of Atari, NES, and EA Sports. :D

I've always sought immersive environments not just in games but also in books as well. I think I'm powerless to the charms of flow and fiero wherever they may be found. My professional and personal experiences have all tied around Technology, Education, and Entrepreneurship.

Today, I am an Associate Dean for Career and Technical Education for CCCOnline and teach primarily Accounting, Business and Multimedia Graphic Design (MGD). In my spare time, I work with several of the facilitators of this MOOC to search and implement new technologies in education.

While having a presence in Second Life and Open Sim, I'm currently immersed in World of Warcraft where I serve as the main raid tank for a guild of educators that you will hear about over the next few weeks.

This summer, I'm also working with a group of faculty from 2 community colleges to develop Intro to Business and Intro to Macroeconomics Curriculum that utilizes the economy and business aspects of World of Warcraft. Once completed and tested, this curriculum will be accessible via Open Source licensing.
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We are pleased to see you here, you are my go-to person! I always enjoy seeing you.
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Abbacus, hello... It is always great to be among you and all the great luminaries, I've learned so much from already...

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