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#6364380 Jul 08, 2012 at 06:06 PM
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Well there have been some clunkers, like Aztec Ball game (referred to by my students as a "book with moving picture.") We use and created a Second Life world of Day of the Dead in my Chicano/a Studies class, they designed it, instructional design built it and they went and experienced it. We used WarHammer in Anthropology of Folklore, because it had "good/evil" and archetypical characters. We used Magic the Gathering (cards/hands on) in Anthropology of Folklore. We used Forbidden City in Cultural Anthropology they found it interesting but not particularly exciting. We use other games but these are the ones that had an online component. One problem is the computers at the college don't have the band-width, or memory or displays to handle a downloaded game, (and you have to get IT to download it on each computer which requires permission of your chair) I would need flash drives with 30GB memory to let them play WoW and then it would be a display/sound/speed disaster.
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Putting up a link to the work from the Chicano Studies course!

And here is a Forbidden City Animoto from the course.

#6369605 Jul 09, 2012 at 09:21 PM
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Hmmm....WoW streams fine from a FireWire drive to a Mac. Of course, I have an unfair advantage in that my classroom is built for speed. I do feel like I haven't leveraged that very well, though....
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