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#6366662 Jul 09, 2012 at 09:39 AM
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Good Morning guild-mates!

My name is Maabus. I am the Technology Director at a private school in Casper, Wyoming. I have 13+ years experience in the IT world, and all my life I have played video games (from the betas in Ultima Online, to Everquest, WoW, etc.)

My passion is to enhance learning with technology. Just last year I started an after school club where we had our own internal Minecraft server, and we successfully built a small town. Granted not a huge achievement, but getting 9th to play nicely with Kinders, I think that is an achievement in itself.

Since I am more a gamer/nerd, than an educator, I am really excited to see and learn the different concepts and ideas everyone has to integrate gaming into the school day. Granted I am sure it could never replace the traditional English, or Math classes...but I know it could definitely alter them (and the students) forever.

It is nice to meet you all. Looking forward to the rest of this class!

#6368142 Jul 09, 2012 at 03:24 PM
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Welcome, Maabus! Oh, I'm so happy you're here! We're going to emerge from this MOOC so much stronger if we get some experienced perspective from the point of view of gamers instead of educators! It's my fondest hope that gaming will completely replace "traditional" English and Math and what-have-you. But what that means is something worthy of our discussion. So I hope we discuss it like mad!


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#6378905 Jul 11, 2012 at 06:40 PM
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I have to ask, did your students make any videos (Machinima) that we might be able to pull up on YouTube? And please in the forums tell us more about the Minecraft club, as there will be teachers here who want to do exactly what you did.

In a lot of places, what you did is a huge achievement. It probably did make a tremendous different for the students.

As far as games as replacements - well why not? It may produce deeper learning and engage more than traditional classes. Or it may not.

I think that's what most of us are trying to do, we are here to see if they can.
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