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#6370111 Jul 10, 2012 at 12:51 AM
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The age old question...

Hi My name is Lorri and I work as a training manager at an adult learning centre in a rural town in Victoria, Australia.

I am a 6 year vet of WOW, a retired D&D Cleric and am madly digging holes and building in Minecraft. I also dabble in other MMO's and usually play with my family and close friends. I am also a 56 year old grandmother :)

At our centre we work with a number of early school leavers 15-20 years of age that might have learning difficulties or behavioural problems. I believe the exploration of game based learning is an exciting doorway that I must open!

PS: Pirates are definitely cooler!
#6373348 Jul 10, 2012 at 04:00 PM
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In general, I agree, Lorri, pirates are cooler, but certainly not quieter. They may not come along when I need to be stealthy.

I feel like games are the perfect thing for early school leavers; having worked with that population for a bit, it feels to me like the level of interaction feels like a good thing for keeping them connected. I also seems to encourage low stakes retries when they make a mistake, whether academically or in terms of behavior. That's something I read in the Nurtured Heart approach to managing challenging behaviors that really stuck with me- games are a safe place to make a mistake because you just try again with your new knowledge whereas classrooms are often places where people feel that any failure/mistake comes with fairly harsh consequences.
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