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Ironically running at the same time as this MOOC, you are welcome to join VSTE's Book Study on Jane McGonigal's Reality is Broken and the Gaming group at the VSTE Ning.

Just like a MOOC, nothing is required, and you are welcome to lurk (and learn). VSTE is hosting both asynchronous events via the discussion board in the Gaming group on the Ning as well as synchronous events on Second Life. As detailed in the website, here is the schedule of live book talks and speaker discussions:

  • July 9, 8 PM: Kickoff includes video, panel discussion
  • July 23, 8 PM: Minecraft in the classroom
  • August 6, 8 PM: Alternate Reality Games, Augmented Reality and Gaming Research
  • August 20, 8 PM: Kids Creating Games

Link to VSTE Island:

Dr. Jane McGonigal is one of the most widely recognized figures in Gaming and Gamification. She has made several games herself, such as the game she discussed at her most recent TED talk: SuperBetter. "Reality is Broken" details the hows and whys of game-playing, and you are guaranteed to learn a lot behind the science of gaming and society.

I hope to see you there!

You can benefit VSTE by purchasing your book through the Amazon portal on the homepage or checking out the VSTE store: Learn more about Jane McGonigal’s work at
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