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For me, Final Fantasy is the end-all, be-all of games that have shaped my life. Ever since I played Final Fantasy VII back when I was 16, I have been SOLD FOREVERMORE on RPG/Interactive games.

I have played every Final Fantasy since then (with the exception of FFXI, which was computer-based and felt flat on its face), and have enjoyed them all, but I am still nigh on obsessed with FFVII. I have Cloud and Sephiroth plushies in my classroom. I own the move they released years ago (and used it in class!), and I jumped around my house for a whole day when I learned that Final Fantasy VII was being released as a computer-based game. The story line was THAT amazing.

Final Fantasy games wrap you up in their story lines so deeply that you do EVERYTHING possible to get all the achievements, all the special weapons, anything you can get. It was all about getting your quests, traveling and learning. I never had the "boss-and-level" feel when playing them. It was definitely a quest-based gaming for me.

So, yes, I'm all for the RPG Questing and Achievement experience! (Hence why I enjoy World of Warcraft so much!)
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Thanks a lot, I'm a fan of this game. I always play the latest version.
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