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#6425321 Jul 21, 2012 at 06:50 PM
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I decided to dive into the Portal Experience, which ends up being a tad complicated regarding a username/password permission. The MOOC has some, ask Kae. I negotiated my own for two computers. This game will only install if you also install STEAM, and the game is a memory/storage disk user, 11GB, when it starts to install it tells you 3.4 hours for install, I have FAST broadband and gaming computer, it still took about 35 minutes, about the same as StarTrekOnline.
Once you are into Steam and Portal, having signed in, the experience is begins and it is quite the ride. Graphics are very 3-D and high-definition. Apparently you are a test subject where they put you in suspended animation, then wake you up every so often and give you simple tests. The room looks like a nice hotel room, a voice asks you to answer the door, you walk to it, then it asks you to say a word, then asks you to look at a painting and then some music and tells you to go to bed.

Something goes wrong, a flying globe monitor wakes you up and your room looks like it does on the image and flicker slide show, obvious a lot of time has passed, and there are 10,000 of you in this destroyed facility, you are on your own after they extract you. You have to jump out of the ruins to what is left and you are searching for something that will shoot a HOLE so you can get out, ovals appear that you can go through, you get to one room where it is best to look at the poster and it shows a cube on a red "panic button" The cube is there, you pick it up, take it to the end of the blue line (red button)and drop it on the red button, a door opens, you go through. . . that is all I am going to tell you.

You can also be in the learning community for Portal simultaneously when you are in the game, I have not done that yet. I want to be deeper into the game, and you can save your game versions and go back. I like these kinds of games.

Looks like it has possibilities regarding tactics, following directions, thinking things through, solving problems and is really entertaining if you like that kind of thing, and is more like a "quest" game on steroids.

This is not easy to get the access (see Kae) and figuring out how to download STEAM which is a server for MANY games, and getting to Portal and Downloading it is not for the faint of heart, or those not use to that.

I have put up two screen captures, on the Image Slideshow (on your right) and on the flicker site, they are the same ones.
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