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I know that old quote from Star Wars isn't grammatically correct, but it is still a great quote. :)

I do find some games that might fit my content, but as my students tell me they are "books with pictures." so I will work on creating my own. One of the "books with pictures" was The Forbidden City. but they really were not impressed with it. I think it is off line now. They have played the Mesoamerica Ball Game and found it amusing, and that it did have some good points. I haven't used the Google World of Wonders in my classes.

1, This does have some interesting visuals Google World Wonders Project

2. This one lets you do a Mesoamerica Ball Game Mesoamerica Ball Game As they say "Gives new meaning to 'winner take all.'"

These are the "games I am looking for," as they are content specific. I have some "games" in my anthropology class that try to teach concepts, and I have discussed that before. I can see using Second Life and the "slide show" to get them involved, I will be talking to Kae about this as well.


I think we could create a Second Life island with a "store" of things you might find in a car. Then I send the students out to look 'in cars' in the parking lot and write down what they see. (tell security and don't touch cars!).

They could come back in the classroom and go pick up items they saw and put them in a different place, Then the class could see how big a certain pile was and maybe we could have just boxes where they could write an unusual item and add that to the pile. This would be urban archaeology. I do this in real life, but it would be fun to have the Second Life Component.

I could give "badges" for say, "most unusual item," "most interesting bumper sticker," "most dented license plate," "most college books." and things like that.

I am open to any suggestions here.

Think about it! What is in your car and what does it tell about you?

Why don't you look in your own car and post what items you have here and let us tell you what it tells us as archaeologists about you! Who is first?
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Interesting stuff there. Yeah, definitely let security know what's going on!

Say, has anyone made the terrible pun "car-cheology" yet?
Here's to all the educated people who don't hate games!
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No but thanks for creating it. . . never even thought of it. . . I am stealing it!
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