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#7542665 Mar 18, 2013 at 08:03 AM
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Hey Everyone!

I am an instructional designer who is passionate about learning. In fact, I spend a lot of my free time learning from exceptional teachers across the globe. This learning does not take place in a classroom, school or university. I spend my free time learning in games, virtual worlds, the twitterverse and the blogsphere. This is where I learned about flow and fiero which I believe are absolutely necessary for games based learning.

I also learned a tremendous amount from being involved in the first and second iterations of the Games MOOC. I have to thank AK, Chris the Curator, Lotus, Amber, Minderasure. and so many of MOOCers to contributing to my education.

Violent Hold by Center4EduPunx, on Flickr

I'm the designer and instructor for the Games MOOC. I have seen deeper learning take place using games and simulations than any other format. I am truly interested in seeing how engagement and immersion can become part of the curriculum. For the past four years along with LeeDale and Abacus, I have been using games and simulations to teach. We have taken students into Second Life, World of Warcraft, War Hammer, Metaplace, Forbidden City and numerous other games. We have also been managing an island and designing simulations in Second Life.

I've also been working with an unnamed guild of educators (bluebarker, Gridjumper, izzykaru, Abacus, Aevalle, Cat and Jerry Buchko) to offer open courses on P2PU ( A Virtual Worlds, Games & Education Tour; ARG Academy and MOOC - Machinima Online Open Course) and produce EduMachinima events. We have also seem to have become the badge squad for the badges that will be offered in this MOOC and also over at G.A.M.E. Gamers Advancing Meaningful Education.

Along with Peggy Sheehy (Maratsade), Larry Cocco and Abacus, we have started a gaming information hub called G.A.M.E. Gamers Advancing Meaningful Education. There we have started a webinar series called "It Takes A Guild - A Guild of Educators."

Well, I’m a gamer girl and I'm ready to get started - so shall we play a game?
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#7545342 Mar 18, 2013 at 05:48 PM
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Kae, I am so proud to be part of your team again. I so enjoyed working with you and the other team members, and those who signed up for the MOOC in the past two sessions. When I look back, and I know others do, there is soooo much information available within this MOOC. Your enthusiasm for game-based learning is well, legendary, around FRCC, and because of your efforts when I tell my peers that I am a gamer, they don't look at me as if I have three heads, they know what it means and are looking for ways to incorporate games into their classes. I had one student tell me that another instructor was using Jeopardy to help them review for a class, it is a simple app, but the student was so pleased to learn in a different way. Learning can be fun. It should be. Go Kae GO!
#7546557 Mar 18, 2013 at 11:04 PM
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Whoohoo Kae!

Things are rolling again! Thanks for making yet another delicious course for all of our prof dev.

I think you already know that I think you are quite awesome. ;)

I will be contributing everywhere in the forum again to invigorate (hopefully not infuriate) the masses!

Looking forward to the next 6 great weeks of learning fun. :D
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