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#7543730 Mar 18, 2013 at 12:31 PM
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Hello, thank you for taking time to read my intro post!

I am LeeDale (AKA Kate Hagerty) and I am an online/f2f educator and an online administrator in Colorado. I came to be involved in this GamesMOOC by way of Kae and Abacus, so it's their fault. :)

I teach post-secondary technical classes in computer graphics and computer information systems. I'm fascinated with the unique challenges presented by this. I can definitely see where using Second Life with English classes or Minecraft with a Geography class might work, but how do we fit technical ed with this kind of thing?

Professionally, aside from my educational work, I also own my own business where I do specialized graphic and web design. I work primarily with a few clients who own SBI websites, which have some pretty specific technical needs.

I've helped with the previous two iterations of the MOOC and it's different every time! This time around I'm really looking forward to delving into storytelling, augemented reality, and apps (my tech-loving soul is rubbing its palms together at that!).

If you're a lurker, I understand. I've had colleagues tell me I'm almost professional at lurking! This is a friendly, thriving, experimental, talkative, odd-but-fun, MOOC. I'd say we won't play games with you but...we will! WoW, Clash of Clans, ARGs, and more!

Welcome to the MOOC! Please, if you can, participate. Post to the Flikr pool. Ask questions. Post your fav links to the Diigo site and tag us.
#7545319 Mar 18, 2013 at 05:43 PM
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Hi LeeDale, I have enjoyed working with you on the first two sessions of this MOOC and I really did appreciate your technical advice and expertise, not all of us can be web designers and graphic artists (me only in my dreams). Since I know you in real-life, I know how, in person, you have such an ease in teaching students how to be successful in online classes, and in reality (ok small joke) in this class you will do the same. Glad to see you again.
#7546568 Mar 18, 2013 at 11:08 PM
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Hey Leedale:

Hahaha, we're already blaming people, are we?: "I came to be involved in this GamesMOOC by way of Kae and Abacus, so it's their fault."

Yeah, I got pulled into the Games MOOC too. Who knew that my life is now consumed by game thinking? I actually play games on a daily basis (while grading papers <--- that's bad, right?).

Glad to have you back! Much fun will ensue!
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