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Hi, I’m Lotus – in Second Life/SL, Lotus Greene; main toons in World of War/WoW, Lotao (Horde guild, Inevitable Betrayal) and Lotoa (Alliance guild, Cognitive Dissonance).

A year ago about this time, after a long illness my mother died. Her death left a big gap in my life, and I began looking for an interesting diversion. Somehow I came across a MOOC on virtual worlds, games, and education hosted by P2PU (at that point SL was the extent of my virtual world experience). I immediately became engaged. That short MOOC spawned several related short MOOCs culminating, as many of you know, in the first Games MOOC. I’ve been involved in some way ever since – lurking more often than not, but it’s been highly meaningful to me nonetheless. For one thing, the courses introduced me to WoW, which I love; for another, they taught me a lot about game-based learning. In fact, I piloted a GBL course last fall in my Social and Political Philosophy course. During this iteration of Games MOOC, I’ll be thinking about and, I hope, doing some planning for my intro to philosophy course next fall.

Although I retired last May from the University of Wisconsin Colleges (13 two-year liberal arts campuses), I’ve stayed active on my campus in a variety of ways and teach one philosophy course each semester. I love team-teaching whenever possible and am currently co-facilitating, with an English colleague, a 6-credit learning community called Spiritual Journeys that looks at aspects of various world religions from both a philosophical and literary perspective.

One of my quests for this MOOC is to learn more about educational apps, especially those that are generic in the sense of applicable on most smart phones and tablets, not just iPad (e.g., I recently purchased a Kindle Fire HD and joined a UW group called the Mobile Learning Users Group). Another quest is to develop an augmented reality game for the fall PHI 101 course, which will be offered in a blended format (half F2F, half online).

I blog occasionally at, which I began as a way to record some things I learn as a virtual character and about virtual worlds and education.

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