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Hi Everyone,
Happy to be here learning with you. My name is Steve Isaacs and I teach video game design and development at William Annin Middle School in Basking Ridge, NJ and online for the VHS Collaborative (formerly Virtual High School). I've been teaching game design in one form or another for the past 15 years. I'm passionate about game based learning and teaching iterative design and computational thinking. My mission as an educator is to start that 'spark' of interest in learning and I always aim for my students to know more than me about the tools we are using by the end of the course. Seeing that spark lit is that fiero moment in teaching for me!

This past semester I started work on my doctorate in Educational Technology at Boise State. My research focus will revolve around game based learning. So many ideas for research. At some point I'll need to refine my focus!

I love the PLN I have begun to cultivate around game based learning. You are all the people I want to be surrounded by!

Best Regards and Happy Learning (I mean playing)!

P.S. I am @mr_isaacs on twitter and sugabear and sugawarrior in the Inevitable Betrayal guild, Catfish Hunter, Catfish John, and Catphish in CogDiss. We have also started an Invtbl Btryl guild in Clash of Clans on iOS. JOIN US!
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