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#7566562 Mar 22, 2013 at 07:00 PM · Edited over 8 years ago
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Lance P here, Latin teacher and gamer off-and-on for life (realization after reading/posting about games). I am looking for a way to incorporate gaming in the Latin classroom. After this week's activities, and a bit of playing around on, I've established a jumping-off point...

The game must be skills-based since that is the main objective of studying Latin develop reading skills (enhanced by listening, speaking, and writing). Having students build Roman character skills (storyline perhaps is to go back in time in order to ____, so the development of skills is needed to pass as a Roman). Other ideas floating around in my head would be to offer options, much like "professions," capitalizing on differentiation, and include teams. If a team's progress is being dragged-down by a struggling student, the more advanced students will have to collaborate with them.

So, I would like to establish a system that "works" for just a single Unit, and then build from there.

Also, here's a research article accessed this past summer that got me thinking about gaming in the classroom:

SLA and Online Games / Internet Interest Communities - Thorne, Black, Sykes (2009)
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Glad to see you here on the MOOC! A proper mix of collaboration, competition, and achievements can be tricky to get the outcome right.

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I am so surprised about how many of my college students have never studied Latin. It ends up about one in 20 or 30 have even had a semester. I teach Anthropology and have focal vocabulary words, like neolocal, matrilineal, patrilineal, matrilocal, patrilocal, anthro-whatevers and I keep saying that if you had studied latin I wouldn't have to be explaining what these words meant LOL
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