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This is an amazing conference for learning games - it pulls together academics, industry folk, educators of all sorts, all to celebrate the role for games in education (and society at large).

I've been fortunate to be at three of them so far, and hope to be there this year as well...
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#7583276 Mar 26, 2013 at 01:02 PM
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I totally agree with your statements about this conference. I managed to attend one year. I was able to run around and do live action research on playing, mentoring and lurking in the arcade.

Last year, they did livestream some of the presentations. Hopefully they also do it this year. We'll be running the first part of the summer MOOC during that time, so will disseminate any information we get on it.

When you go to the conference and if you have room in your tweets - please add us #gamemooc so we can follow along on the twitterverse.


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