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Welcome! *cheers* Being a gamer is to embrace a culture, a lifestyle and a way of life that breathes excitement and energy into everything that we do. Over the decades, for an educational professional to admit that you were a gamer was a professional risk as only the unwashed masses or misspent youth wasted their time playing games.


It was time well spent and the social stigma is shifting. With the rise in stature of nerds and gaming geeks (many thanks to the Big Bang Theory and the game industry), the world is noticing that game-based cultures offer incentives that life does not necessarily offer to our media enriched, disengaged youth.

I'm a Professor of Computer Science in Colorado Technical University's Doctoral Program and at CTU, I designed a doctoral concentration in Emerging Media to pioneer and promote research in Web technologies, featuring social media, augmented reality, virtual worlds, games and simulations.

I am a gamer, and from playing and hosting games at conventions over the past 25 years, was ranked as a Grandmaster game master and classic player in TSR's role playing system (Dungeons and Dragons).

I've beta tested a dozen MMORPGs (with written test reports), played 24 MMORPGs (with up to 10 accounts and running numerous systems at the same time). It is a joy to test the boundaries of human and game capability -- and all in the name of science! *chuckles*

I started teaching chess at age 7, when I realized that mastering the social aspect and strategy within games is tantamount to learning and flourishing in our society.

In WoW, I'm Lyrae the Insane (completed with Shandily and his dear daughter) on one of my four World of Warcraft accounts, but struggle to find time to play due to the fascination of conducting research and pioneering emerging media technologies and innovative education practices.

This course offers insights into one of my favorite game genres, the alternate reality game, which closely models my philosophy of why games matter and of their evolution in our society.

Feel welcome to use any of my content (images or presentations) from or from my blog at to support your quest to advance the state of research in game design and the educational benefits of games.
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Hello Lyr!

Absolutely wonderful to have you in our connectivist MOOC. Thank you so much for sharing your resources with us. Lyr, you are actually the first person I ever heard talk about a virtual world and immersive environments for learning. I even name dropped you in an interview for a VEJ article.

I do understand the image issue for gamers and MMMORGs. I was at a meeting earlier this year when someone tried to discourage the use of a specific MMORPG. The argument made again was about image. While that argument may have held sway ten years ago, I'm seeing administrators support educators who are using games and listening to conversations about game based learning.


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You have credentials to be envied! And I do! :) I did look at the slideshare and wish that I had time to look at them all right now (but I will be back to them) I was especially interested in the Maya one because of being an anthropologist, and in the on regarding A Humorous look at getting started in a virtual world I really liked the "avatar grooming tips" and the place to click to sit down. This presentation makes, at least I think so, people comfortable with making mistakes in the virtual environment and know it isn't just them. Kae mentioned "image" of MMORPG games, and I think, like Kae, that as it becomes more mainstream and higher number of users, the "image" improves, especially some of the creative uses that educators are embracing. I am so glad you are part of this MOOC and I will certainly revisit your slideshare.

Your blog will also be an interest for me for some time today. Smoke and Mirrors is so on point. Beautifully done. Thank you so much!
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