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What New England Vampire Skeletons? Inquiring minds want to know? LOL

"The Great New England Vampire Panic"

"Bioarcheological and Biocultural Evidence for the New England Vampire Folk Belief"

I've used the second article with an American Literature class in the past when we were reading/discussing Poe's The Fall of the House of Usher and it was very successful in terms of convincing them that, for Victorian-era society, people rising from the dead was a very real fear. I also showed them real 19th century newspaper ads for resurrection coffins (coffins with bells and other alarm systems and ventilation pipes designed in case of being buried alive). Of course, there are plenty of modern-day stories of people "rising" from the dead in hospitals and morgues, so we also talk about the fact that 19th century fears about premature burial and the walking dead were based on real incidents that were misunderstood due to lack of medical knowledge.

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