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#7714846 Apr 22, 2013 at 02:37 PM
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Please share with us a clue that is cross-platform meaning transmedia.

So how many plaform and modalities can you make it jump?
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#7730982 Apr 25, 2013 at 12:15 PM
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Since learning more about AR and ARG's, I've been considering how I can go transmedia with my IF syllabus. I'd like to make it more of a hybrid experience for the students. So, while the syllabus will be in the form of a text adventure, some of the puzzles and challenges will take them outside of the text itself.

For example, I plan to integrate some reading quizzes that I'll created in Google Forms. Also, some of the puzzles will involve them visiting real locations on campus, like the Writing Clinic and the library, and gathering more clues and/or resources via QR codes. Some puzzles will require using internet resources like Google Maps and some will require working with their peers either synchronously or asynchronously (in which case, they'll have to use some type of social media).

While trying to make the game experience as varied as possible and engaging for all types of learners, I'm also keeping in mind the points made in the storyboarding video about keeping the ultimate goal in mind, thinking about each puzzle/challenge in terms of learning outcomes, and making sure I'm using media that students will be able to access and use easily.
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#7736553 Apr 26, 2013 at 01:08 PM · Edited 9 years ago
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My transmedia clues are more fully discussed in this post Cultural Anthropology Scavenger Hunt at Local Auction, no sense being repetitive. I would have (1) the QR code, (2) the photo that the QR code sends you to with the clue (a number on a commemorative whiskey bottle (3) the GPS location of the Auction embedded in the Desire2Learn Class shell, (4) the physical auction where they had their field trip, (5) jump back to internet for the uploaded photos of all the finds (6) the physical class where the event was discussed and winners announced, (7) possible articles in college online newsletter or the local paper [Longmont Times-Call] We also supported three businesses in the Longmont area, (1) Pacific Auction, (2) Big Lots and (3) Longmont Humane Society Thrift Store.

As I told my class, "No expense was spared on getting the prizes at the Thrift Store since I am funding this myself." I didn't even submit to my department for funding, but the field-trip was quickly approved by the college.

Actual cost including treats for the first person to find the item for that category? $28.76 cents. I actually used to joke with my friend Jack Swigert who was an astronaut on Apollo 13, that he went around the moon on "low bid." (smile) so I guess this is my "low bid" project, can you do lower and involve up to 70 students? If so, post it here, inquiring minds need more ideas :D However, I should mention I have about 30 hours in preparation and physically being at the auction, creating prizes,etc.

Student Life is giving the winning class a treat next Tuesday!

I guess retrospectively I was amazed at how hard they worked to find items when there was so little to be earned in the way of prizes, and how much they cooperated among the classes to help each other locate items. There were three classes involved. The cooperation of the auction was amazing too!

I was also impressed with the creativity of the students in talking about modifying categories, like "3.5 inch" floppy, they got together and agreed to present to me that a computer with that drive would count. They also agreed that a stuffed alligator head would be "a souvenir from Florida" after determining it was a alligator not a cayman. I even got talked into accepting a 33 record of "Music from the 1920s" as meeting the "something from the 1920's category. Those who couldn't go applauded in the class those that did go and helped win awards or won awards. Here is the GRAND PRIZE WINNER, this student found 30 of the 34 items, there were four that really couldn't be found. I tried to make the prizes have a connection of some kind to the award. They also wanted an extra category (no points for it) for the weirdest thing they found or the one that kinda grossed them out the most. I won't show it to you but it was a book of people doing weird things like a photo of a man who let a snake crawl up his nose and come out his mouth.

All of the items they found should be available soon via my facebook album page, if you are interested, check them out. Winning Objects and Prizes from the Urban Archaeology/Garbology Auction Scavenger Hunt

DSCN2382 by grasshopper98, on Flickr

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#7739056 Apr 27, 2013 at 12:24 AM
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I think this would work well for library orientation/ scavenger hunt. I could use QR codes to get to clues as well as having physical clues. One QR code could go to a video of me describing what the game is all about & first clue. Others could go to my online card catalog, a poster in the library, an actual book, my wiki, an actual magazine, a primary source, etc.. This could be a lot of fun. Now I just need to figure out the path & which physical things to use as clues....
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#7743655 Apr 27, 2013 at 11:58 PM
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You could theoretically make this jump across any number of "platforms," but I'd say realistically around four would be the maximum. For example:

#1: Real life - meaning having to actually interact with real, tangible objects on our plane of existence.

#2: Television - a show that has a continuing narrative based on the game.

#3: Console or PC - an interactive program that either is or is based on the game.

#4: Mobile - Scanning QR codes or otherwise requiring a mobile device to interact with the game.
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