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My name is Trevyn (yes that’s my real name) and I’m very excited to be joining the Games MOOC project. I’ve worked with Kae before for a few years now but mostly behind the scenes. I’m personally looking forward to seeing how this Games MOOC runs (smoothly hopefully) and how others react to it. I’ve always had a fascination with games and more importantly their mythos and some of the hidden nuggets of information one can find in it. I’m a big fan of a wide variety of games from minecraft to pokemon, Halo to Mario. This does not in any way make me an expert on games but it does make me (in my own head canon) a bit more educated to what they lack, what they achieve and where they can be put to use outside of just being entertaining.

Aside from my suede nerdy gamer ship, I’m fairly down to earth and love exploring things in my environment. New foods, new music ect. After all I did come from the generation that like to push buttons, even the big red ones. I’m a fan of reading as well (when I’m not running screaming from creepers or dodging arrows) and tend to lean towards mystery or sci fi fantasy genera. My top favorite reads are anything by Terry Pratchet and Douglas Adams. I also explore the unprinted word of my fellow novice writers one such sites as deviant art; though my personal contribution to the literary word is often limited to poetry, and sarcastic poetry at that. Nice to meet you all and hope to enjoy this as much as the rest of you.
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