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#7935878 Jun 05, 2013 at 08:42 AM
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Greetings dear fellow artisans of play.

So thrilled to see the original GamesMOOC continue to explore new avenues of learning. Good fortune placed me at the right virtual place and time to participate in the original GamesMOOC where I met so many dynamic metaversians. Never have I had so many cherished memories of successful personal failure.

This community is admired for its transformational ability to strengthen leaders, especially in education, who collectively tap into reserves of informal, motivational forces. Thank you mentors who have shown me such variance in abilities.

My name is Barbara Truman and I am an eLearning professional based in Dallas, Texas. My gaming journey really took off when I reconnected with my adult children using console based games where we were able to team on quests. The kids grew up playing digital games while I worked and got my college degrees. My skills were lacking when I tried to play with them. Instant death and failure is no fun. What an epiphany to study gaming! So many studies are coming out to shed light on what is really going on as we play. My quest is to translate and advocate these findings and apply them wisely in organizations (mostly state universities).

My background is in instructional design and I was a founding leader of online learning at the University of Central Florida where I served for 18+ years creating programs for faculty and course development. Currently I am working on my dissertation with Colorado Technical University in Computer Science, Emerging Media and when I get done I can come out and *really* play. Discovering retention patterns in game-based learning has value where I currently work as VP for Learning Technologies for a private company working in higher education to create accelerated online programs.

You will find me typically moocing around dancing between worlds trying not to fall off platforms. If I do not play often enough to retain what little skill I have, consider me mostly likely to pull a Leeroy Jenkins.

This little ditty shows antics performed with my compatriot from UCF whom is often my sherpa and twin. Many of the pics are from activities held with this group. We are participating in another mooc using open sim and Moodle. Life is short. Make it sweet. Hope to see you in world/game soon. All the best!

#8096042 Jul 06, 2013 at 06:32 PM
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Barbara! It was so great seeing you, Kae, Chris, Frankie, Peggy, Knowledge, Rurik, Bron, Melody, David, Gloria and dozens of other GAMESMOOCers at the ISTE Conference! *cheers*

Gridjumper, you were with us in spirit and I heard that you were in Orlando recently. *grins*

I had a blast and am treasuring my red bandana! *chuckles*

Wishing everyone a great GAMESMOOC Summer II session and a lovely break! *waves*
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#8103032 Jul 08, 2013 at 10:48 AM
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Great to see you also! I believe Scott and Spiff may be planning a ISTE Conference recap in Second Life in the next couple of weeks. I'll keep you posted and let everyone know as soon as it is finalized.

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