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#7937552 Jun 05, 2013 at 02:12 PM · Edited 7 years ago
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Do you or your students play World of Warcraft, please tell us about it.

We are using it in this session of the Games MOOC as example of a sword and board MMORPG. So we are especially interested in any discussion of you using in the classroom.

And if you have pictures, please add them the Games MOOC Flickr community.
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#7938284 Jun 05, 2013 at 04:49 PM · Edited 7 years ago
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I start playing WoW right before the Burning Crusade came out. I had finally got a toon to lvl 60 and then 70 was the new cap. So I went back to work. :)

I have two lvl 70 Night Elf toons, a Hunter and a Druid (two great solo classes - yeah, I solo a lot). I've tried other classes but they are low level. I do have a lvl 20 something Dwarf Rogue. Rogues are fun too.

Some neighbors of mine were playing horde so I joined them. I started an Undead Priest who is lvl 12 now. So hard for me to play without melee so I started a Tauren Death Knight and got him to level 80. I tried other races and classes but they are low level too.

I did start a Worgen Hunter and a Goblin Warlock I think. They are very low level and they were fun! Love their start zone stories.

So I haven't played in over 3 years and after reading about Cognitive Dissoance and Inevitable Betrayal I'm itching to get back into WoW! Got a few students who really want that after school club idea too! So I re-activated my account this past weekend and after 7 or 8 hours of downloading I was ready to log back in (after removing that darned authenticator thing!).

I started a level 1 Panda Monk (my favorite all time class BTW) in Dalaran in the hopes of applying to join both teacher guilds. Maybe I can transfer some of my other toons to Dalaran! I've never done a Raid so I'm really curious and want to do that. I'm also very noob again and can barely even maneuver my toon! I need to practice some before I do anything!

When I did play the servers I played in were PVE, I've never even noticed the role playing servers. Still not sure how a role player server differs from a PVE or a PVP. Can you PVP in a role playing server?
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#7938814 Jun 05, 2013 at 06:53 PM
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It took me a long time to give into playing WoW, but eventually I cracked and started my great adventure. I've played through as many of the races and still consider myself to be very much a N00B. I was originally trying to find which classes and races I best fit with, starting of with my Dranie Priestess (who later became my shadow priestess). Over time though I branched out exploring other ways of game play and finding much to my surprise that I'm not as big on long distance combat as I thought. After making my Priest I made a mage (human) and a warlock (undead) and found I disliked using both due to their lack of protection. After that I move on to a Hunter (Panda) whom I fell in love with very quickly and then trying my luck with the a rouge (Worgren). This was my biggest shock as I felt you would be very bad at hand to hand combat I would i was very good at it and that the rouge class was very good at my sneaky attack methods in the game. Not only did I mesh well with the class but also the Worgren story of Gilnaus. After that all my prejudice against close combat characters was demolished and I move to make my Palidin (dwarf) and another warlock (this time in the blood elf race). I found that even in the change of race I still didn't like the warlock class. Feeling I had neglected my experience with The Hoard, I decided to make My first druid, a delightful Tauren. My experiences with that have been amazing! Having the powers of the different animal forms has been a wonderful experience. I'm still working my way to getting the glyph that allows other party members to ride on my back (as well as the whale form for swimming) but over all totally awesome! Around the same time I made my Troll shaman and that guy is a hoot. I love the accent and culture they gave the Troll race. Very laid back and yet can be equally fierce. I felt with this character it owned up to my own love of nature and granted me an opportunity to imagine what it would be like to truly have some command over it. Upon returning to my Alliance creations i decided to see about the night elves and made a druid there as well and Gnome warrior (I couldn't help myself ^^'). After seeing the industrial side of the Alliance I went back to the hoard to see how their counter part the Goblins acted. I was kinda freaked out by seeing how their race acted in comparison of their vertically challenged enemies. Though it also fascinated me on how their cast system worked by means of money versus having an understanding system like the other races have. Even the undead had a clear cut rank and file sort of system in my eyes. Out of all my characters I return to my Dranie the most, you can never forget your first after all. The various missions and adventures allow me to explore so much of the world that has been created for so many loyal fans. I truly am happy I was introduced to such a game.
#7955290 Jun 09, 2013 at 04:57 AM · Edited 7 years ago
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#7938284 EducatorAl wrote:

When I did play the servers I played in were PVE, I've never even noticed the role playing servers. Still not sure how a role player server differs from a PVE or a PVP. Can you PVP in a role playing server?

On most games there are RP-servers tagged so people interested in roleplaying, that is acting IC (in-character) instead of the usual OOC (out of character) most often in the /say chat - making part of the adventures something like interactive storytelling, although many times much of the roleplaying takes place in towns, inns, cantinas and so on.

The servers are tagged so roleplayers would have easier time to find each other, but it also is a common argument heard from non-roleplayers to join the RP servers, because "the community usually seems more mature".

Practically on all the MMORPG's I have played, roleplaying on a RP server is not mandatory, neither enforced. Some games might have naming conventions stated specifically for a RP server, so that names like "Darth666 Fader" in a Star Wars context, or "Gandalf123" in a Lord of the Rings context most likely would not be suitable with the naming rules. Often these naming conventions explain that for example medieval fantasy game, the name should be fitting for the era and feel of the game, so also names like "TurboRambo" would not be allowed.

In earlier days of MMORPG's at least in some games these naming conventions were in fact enforced, by GM's .. but it often relied on active reporting by fellow players... and I assume it is actually quite burden for the customer support, so in the past 4-5 years I haven't seen in any game the rules actually be enforced at all. So mostly it's just fine print that you have to agree with when logging onto a RP server, but not enforced.

I think while roleplaying itself is not required, I have a feeling that if you're on a RP server, and deliberately harrass, interrupt or grief someones roleplaying session (this is often something seen as fun thing to do by non-roleplayers), this can be something that could be reported to the GM's and that they actually would do something about such griefing, as the servers are meant to be places where roleplayers should be able to actually roleplay too. :)

But all in all, most often it's just a label for roleplayers to find each other, and some fine print that mostly is not enforced by anyone.

Roleplaying itself is fun and can involve things like creative writing and improvisational acting (bit like improvisational theatre), it can bring a whole new dimension to a RPG game ... (hey it's called roleplaying game for a reason) .. to act and live stories with your friends, create stories for your characters, and have a break now and then from the neverending grind. :) ... I guess in someways could be compared to a LARP that is leaning towards storytelling.

Hope that answered the question at least a little bit.

Edit: ... regarding the PvE / PvP question.. My experience with WoW is very limited, and dates back to the launch, almost a decade ago. So can't answer WoW specifically, but many other games have RP servers for both PvE and PvP, so there are many games where you can choose if you wish to join a RP-PvE or RP-PvP server depending on your preference. Some other games might offer just either or. Depends really on the game and the available server selection.
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#9447760 Apr 30, 2014 at 12:55 AM
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I do have a lvl 20 something Dwarf Rogue. Rogues are fun too.

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