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#7951293 Jun 08, 2013 at 07:38 AM
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Formerly a microbiologist and secondary science teacher, I now pursue instructional design in virtual worlds. Social-network challenged, I have teleported outside my personal comfort zone with recent projects in SecondLife™, here in this Games MOOC, and with general connectivity online.

Happy to just sit on a prim—virtual nose deep in a script editor—I know that my own designs will only reach their potential or match my vision through collaboration. To that end, I invite you SLavatars to consider the following invitation.

Spicy Vanilla, a newly forming SL group, is promoting collaborative design of open source educational content. The first design project has just begun, with plans for presentation at this year's VWBPE.

You are invited to join the SL group to receive updates and announcements, join the design team for the first project, or just join the conversation.

More on the group:
More on the first project:

And please, holler at Weebit Offcourse or Azwaldo Villota in SecondLife™ any time.
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