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We've discussed this a bit already in the forums, but where can we add game elements to the classroom for pedagogical reasons?

Please feel free to refer to any of the videos we have up for this week or to Scott Nicholson's paper. Exploring Gamification Techniques for Classroom Management
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#8068292 Jul 01, 2013 at 04:42 AM
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I have been putting a lot of thought into gamification the last few months.
I strongly think this should be done to all classes, even without access to digital layers one can gamify the class easily. I started with simply offering points for volunteers to answer questions in the ESL classroom, I didn't say what they could get with the points and yet I maintained a semi-anonymous leadeboard. I kept points for the students who eat lunch together, totaling the points accumulated for each group of four or five. Then the group elected the best English speaker in the group, turning the final awarding of a badge over to the students provided autonomous decisions. There was a positive response, and the following weeks the students who got badges demonstrated increased core confidence. I would like to take it further; sr students take the eiken test (step test) i could award points to the student's totals so that the students develop a significant amount of points and then make an economy for them to use the points in. Students spend points to equip an avatar with various items (this would be far easier in a virtual world) and toward the end of the term as the dialogues they create in ESL develop into a story the items become useful to their characters. This plan might be too ambitious for my school though.
#8080580 Jul 03, 2013 at 10:08 AM
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This is an interesting project:
A system that can adapt materials and known areas with particular students to create learning paths automatically. I haven't seen it working but it sounds interesting (and complicated) and when it becomes mainstream it will be a game changer for people like us.
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