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#8000394 Jun 17, 2013 at 07:24 PM
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For me it's allowing me to see things I couldn't before. Either allowing me to interact with a force I couldn't normally, or a situation I haven't. When Applied to WoW this would be the choice of Hoard or Alliance. The philosophical battle of good and evil, but which is good and which is evil? I love this struggle of choices and to me it shows how a persons mind works on a deeper level. If you say Alliance why, and why not the Hoard? If you picked Hoard reverse the question. This is both amplified and demolished by the Pandaria expansion In my opinion.
#8068431 Jul 01, 2013 at 05:29 AM
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Philosophical choices and gamification is an interesting mix. 'Struggle of choice' is what autonomy is all about but justifying those choices might be less fun? Nevertheless gamification of choices and making those choices a philosophical or ethical conundrum is an interesting idea I haven't encountered before. Well, I guess it slightly equates to a reaction value for each creature you encounter (the original everquest had some kind of value that was modified by who you killed).

I think that might be an excellent intrinsic motivator, you can choose the dark side of the force or the light, and as you progress through a course different learning paths are unveiled... Hmmm
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