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#8030312 Jun 23, 2013 at 10:23 PM
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If you're in Denver, CO or Vancouver, BC this may be of interest to you. (Or, if you're somewhere else, you can organize your own node.) Info below. If you're in Denver and interested, but can't make the planning meeting, post a comment and I'll try to post more info when I have it.

Link to the Denver planning meeting:

Join us July 12-14th at the Centre for Digital Media in Vancouver, BC, (there will be a node in Denver as well organized by CiGDA) where we will spend 48-hours making games featuring awesome female protaganists. We have a theme, all we need is your creativity, energy, and tenacity! If you are an artist, a designer, a developer, or a writer and you want to make a game with us, please consider signing up. You can come with a team, or you can arrive without one (there will be lots of people to join up with). The jam will start at 6pm on Friday and conclude at 6pm on Sunday. (via i am a gamer) We organize game jams to bring people together and make a difference in the world! This site is dedicated to games for all, by all. If you love games and respect your fellow human being, it is dedicated to you, too.
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