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#8171095 Jul 21, 2013 at 05:24 PM
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Please go to DS106 and take another look at the format and structure from the DS106 assignment bank. If you were to design an assignment that took students into a game or virtual world in the style of DS106 what would it be?
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Fun! Here's a couple ideas.


Create a travel brochure for a location in a digital world.

Travel to a location in a digital world. Learn about the area and take some screenshots. Then create a travel brochure to draw people to that location.


Create a news cast about an event that took place in a virtual world.

Attend or participate in an event that takes place within a virtual world. Record aspects of the event, or the whole thing. (You are allowed to "stage" things, or setup appropriate shots.) Using either a digital avatar or yourself as a news anchor, create a newscast about that event.


Take a series of screenshots in a virtual world that convey different emotions.

Travel through a virtual world and look for objects or environments that convey an emotion. Take screenshots of these, keeping your camera angle, lighting, and image composition in mind. You may stage your shots and may also modify images in an image editing program.

Web (could also fall under Writing)

Create a blog (or twitter) telling the story of your avatars adventures through a virtual world.

Create an avatar and travel through a virtual world. Record your travels in a blog (or twitter). Post screenshots of interesting things. Feel free to embellish your story, or write your entries in a humorous voice.
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I have really spent quite a bit of time looking at the assignments that are shown in the DS106 Assignment Bank. It is a fabulous place to get really great ideas! I hope to be back in this forum with some ideas for future classes. Here are two that really fit with the assignments that are in the DS 106

Web Assignment: I have also commented elsewhere in this Summer 2013 DS 106 forum, regarding the fact that the use of the “significant object” was very close to a project that I completed with three classes in the Spring 2013 semester in the Cultural Anthropology class.

Urban Archaeology at the Auction

Design Assignment: I have successfully used Animoto in several classes

In the Cultural Anthropology classes they made one showing some things about themselves, and they got to see mine first. In mine I have them guess which isn’t true. I can’t show you theirs as they didn’t sign releases since this was internal to our Desire2Learn platform. So here is mine, guess at the end of this MOOC you get to see me as I really am . . .

Who is your Professor - Did she have a life before this class?

In the Chicano/a Studies class we used it to make Animotos about the individual student’s altar on our class altar at the museum, then we made QRs so that someone looking at one specific students altar they could see why the objects were chosen. I can show one of them because all students signed for their releases.

Day of the Deat - Student's part of the Class Altar at the Longmont Museum and Cultural Center
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