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#8464056 Sep 19, 2013 at 01:28 AM
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I have taken the summer off from MOOC-ing, but I am glad to see that there was a lot of work done over the summer. I just wanted to drop a line and indicate an opportunity that has arisen for me to represent the GBL community. I will be giving a session about GBL to a group of Alberta charter-school educators during the association's annual conference in October 2013. I have some material about my own experiences with this in my "classroom," but as an administrator, I actually teach less (and have less time for development) than other teachers.

What I'd like to ask the MOOC community for, if possible, is some advice on what kinds of things K-12 classroom educators might want to consider when getting into GBL. My outline so far (literally made up at this moment) is likely to be something like this:

- What is GBL
- What GBL is not
- Personal anecdotes about use (and what I have learned from "failures")
- Examples from the community and info about GamesMOOC
- Take-aways for people to explore and try (Likely from Institute of Play)

That said, I would like the session to be a sort of enactment of GBL principles as well, so I will try to devise at least one "game" that participants will experience during the session.

At any rate, I am reaching out because I think this session might be an opportunity for some expansion of awareness about GBL in general (and MOOC activities in particular). This is the first time I will have given such a session and I'd like some input from other MOOCers/learning designers.

Thanks for reading all of this. Looking forward to your input and, hopefully, the input of the group.
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