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Maker: I find this term kinda interesting. I don't really identify with it, but I probably am one. I make a lot of things: art, games, crafts, etc. I grew up with the mentality of "why pay for it, when you can make it yourself" so I make a wide variety of things (holiday cards, pet toys, course materials, visual aides, etc).

Hacker: I'm not a fan of this term. I have a B.S. in computer science (so yes, I code), and the term "hacker" was what we applied to those who did not design code but just hacked things together and hoped it worked. "Hacker" was pretty much the opposite of "computer scientist", whose focus was on designing elegant solutions to problems. I do build digital creations, and I do sometimes take apart other people's solutions to see how they work so I can craft my own. Don't call me a "hacker" though.

Gamer/Builder/Modder: I play games, although not all that often anymore (to busy with other things, especially when school in in session). I don't really mod or build anything shareable in games. I do build my own games though, complete with graphics/world/etc. I also (sometimes) participate in the collaborative world of Torn World, which is a virtual world, but not in sense most of you are probably thinking of.

You can see a portfolio of games I've "finished" on my blog:
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