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Guild Counsel and Officers

Hi youse

I'm so excited to be your prime lurker here at the MOOC. This one just might be the MOOC that pulls me out of that role, traditional for me as I am spread out over many virtual worlds and only seldom reaching deeply into any of them or any game. I...
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Guild Counsel and Officers

Shall We Play a Game?

Hey Everyone!I am an instructional designer who is passionate about learning. In fact, I spend a lot of my free time learning from exceptional teachers across the globe. This learning does not take place in a classroom, school or university. I spe...
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Guild Counsel and Officers

Hi, I'm Sherry!

Hey Everyone:Now this is a double-post (since I just posted in the "Presenting Yourself to the Guild" forum). Again, my name is Sherry Jones, and I teach English Comp and Lit at multiple community colleges in Colorado. I am here to learn from th...
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Guild Counsel and Officers

Hello, I'm Crim.

Hi Everybody,My name is Brandon, though I've been known online by the nickname Crim for quite awhile. I'm currently a student pursuing a degree in astronomy. I've worked with Front Range Community College on and off for nearly four years now and...
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Guild Counsel and Officers

Greetings from Beth!

Welcome to our MOOC! It's been fun for me to hear all the anticipation in the air over the last month. I hope you're ready to bring games into your classrooms. I'm sure you want to know who I am and why you might pay attention to me!Who I AmWel...
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Guild Counsel and Officers

games for literacy

Hi people. I am a school teacher from New Zealand. I teach year 7-8 students (11-13 year olds). I am using games to encourage and motivate students to create characters as part of the games they are playing. I stumbled upon this site and am hoping...
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Guild Counsel and Officers

Hello there!

Hi,I'm Alex from Spain, and I look forward to learning with you all! I hope I don't give way to my lurking nature:)Cheers,A
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Guild Counsel and Officers

New Joinee

Hi this is Amit from India. I am really excited to be a part of this online forum. I am an assistant professor at a management institute in India and hope i could add value to this discussion forum.
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Guild Counsel and Officers

Hi I am Grasshopper98

I am a gamer, and part of the team. I am currently buried literally in Minecraft so I am an expert by the time we get to fall. Currently I am trying to find coal. I look forward to this experience and the interaction with you all.In real life, ...
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Guild Counsel and Officers

Hi all, I'm Melissa

I teach Accounting at Pikes Peak Community College in Colorado Springs. I first learned about MOOCs at the eLearning Conference in the Spring and I'm really excited to experience it for myself!
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Guild Counsel and Officers

Hi, I'm LeeDale

Hi, I'm LeeDale Shepherd! I was first born in Second Life in 2007. After that, I drifted from SL to World of Warcraft, OpenSim, Kitely, and countless other virtual worlds and massive online games. My alter ego in real life is a college instructor ...
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Leedale41731Small Jack Mosel 8y
Guild Counsel and Officers

Games, learning, and a ethic of play

Hi folks!What a treat to learn with you and discover ways to create, integrate, and enjoy learning with games. While I am interested in the topic formally for my work at the University of Central Florida, play is necessary for living well all the ...
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Guild Counsel and Officers

Heyas and welcome to the Games Mooc

Hello, I tank therefore I am. I've always been a gamer playing pretty much anything I could access. Growing up I played a lot of games: card games, board games, D&D, organized and intramural sports, and worshiped at the altars / consoles of A...
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