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Presenting Yourself to the Guild

Introducing myself...

Hi,My name is Kristina and I work at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. I have developed an interest in Games Based Learning over the last 18 months of working at Mac Uni but do not have much expereience with it yet so I'm hoping to devel...
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Presenting Yourself to the Guild


I decided I would remember my name here if I used the same name as Second Life. It's not about telling Dorothy this she isn't in KS anymore; it's about Annie, and telling her this isn't Second Life!I work in the Online Learning Department at Commu...
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Presenting Yourself to the Guild

Hello from Mary O

I live in Southwest Colorado at 7800 ft. elevation. My husband and I live 17miles from a big town, and an 1/ 1/2 hours to a city. Teaching online classes has been great for me because our area is not very populated and jobs are scarce. It reall...
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Presenting Yourself to the Guild

Good Morning!

Good Morning guild-mates!My name is Maabus. I am the Technology Director at a private school in Casper, Wyoming. I have 13+ years experience in the IT world, and all my life I have played video games (from the betas in Ultima Online, to Everquest,...
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Presenting Yourself to the Guild

Greetings and Salutations

Hello fellow MOOCers! I am Kris and I teach high school physics in the pacific northwest, USA. I have been a gamer my whole life although my real life responsibilities have limited it to just WoW and Diablo III recently.I have been interested in...
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Presenting Yourself to the Guild

Lizzyslinks from Victoria, Australia

HiMy name is Liz and I live in Victoria, Australia. I am interested in how technology is changing the way we learn, work and play. Having done 2 previous Moocs I decided to do this one on gamification in education. Beware I am a bit of a lurker. I...
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Presenting Yourself to the Guild

Hello from Keriveda

Hi all - you see my screen name above but my IRL name is Kristin. I am an educational technologist but have never really been much of a games player. I'll be a major lurker in this class but i'm interested to see how games can enhance and advance ...
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Presenting Yourself to the Guild


Hi Everyone,I teach developmental math and English at a community college in Colorado,and I need to be able to communicate with my students in "game talk."Some of them are very skilled, but I'm a novice. I'm glad to see such a variety of interest...
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Presenting Yourself to the Guild


Hi from the deep south,I am interested in gamification in general and do not come in with a whole lot of prior knowledge or expectations. While I have done a lot of work in virtual worlds, I have not used them for gamification. I am a teacher educ...
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Presenting Yourself to the Guild


Hello everyone from the Chicagoland area here in the United States. While I'm no longer a classroom teacher, my role as a high school administrator has me immersed in many classrooms.And this is why I'm here - to explore the benefits of gaming and...
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Presenting Yourself to the Guild


My name is Silvrost (Rita Friberg) and I am not a gamer, but I have a couple of friends who are trying to turn me into one:) I love board games, but only play Solitaire, Mah Jong and Bejeweled on the I have a ton to learn. I am try...
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Presenting Yourself to the Guild

Greetings from Egypt !

Hello every one !! I'm Ayat ,an EFL teacher from Giza, Egypt. I have been teaching nearly all age groups and levels for more than 10 years now !! I'm currently teaching young learners. My main interests are enhancing creativity in the classroom, u...
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Presenting Yourself to the Guild

Greetings from Northern NJ!

Hi everyone! My name is Kim Gabelmann. I'm an Instructional Designer at Fairleigh Dickinson University. I'm looking forward to enhancing and increasing my game-based learning skills. I am an EdTech graduate from Boise State, where I was introduced...
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Presenting Yourself to the Guild


I am Amy Hopkins (preciouspumpkin) - the biology lab coordinator at the Community College of Denver. I am a professor as well. New to online gaming. Hoping to find it useful in future courses.
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Presenting Yourself to the Guild


Hi, I'm Mitzi and am just joining the MOOC. Looking forward to an interesting and innovative summer experience (and loving the opportunity to play games and be able to say "but I AM working!") :)
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Presenting Yourself to the Guild

who I am ...

Hello everyone,I am a professor at a state school in Pennsylvania. I am very interested in Ed tech as I teach preservice teachers and feel this is an area we are not covering well. I am looking forward to the session.Steve
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Presenting Yourself to the Guild

Hi everyone from murcha

Hi everyone. I am a teacher of technology in a small rural school in Australia and am nearing retirement age. I love to learn with and from my students. It never ceases to amaze me at how engaged students can be when playing their favourite games ...
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Presenting Yourself to the Guild

introducing oneself

Hi! I'm Maria!
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Presenting Yourself to the Guild

Hi I'm Lorenzo

Hi everyone,my IRL is Lorenzo and I'm from the Italian part of Switzerland, around the web and in games you can find me as oralion!I'm currently writing my master thesis about gamification, learning and everyday life... This is my first MOOC but I...
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Presenting Yourself to the Guild

Hi I'm Stephanie

I'm an instructional design manager at a large bank. I love to learn and am curious to see how the MOOC class works. I want to learn more about using games and game theory to make courses more engaging and interesting. I'm not a gamer like many o...
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