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Presenting Yourself to the Guild

Hi I'm Maggie

Just starting up a little late, probably will be a lurker as I'm in another Mooc too, but I'm really looking forward to this. Dedicated SLer, used to be in RG and Inworlds, never got into WOW, and in ancient times was addicted to Civilization. Hmm...
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Maggie Larimore1706Small Maggie Larimore 9y
Presenting Yourself to the Guild

Have never played WoW and can't for the life of me figure out Second Life

But I figure I can learn a little more here. I want to familiarize myself with what students are up to gaming-wise, and hope to gather some ideas for gaming in my English and literature courses.
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anghave1726Small anghave 9y
Presenting Yourself to the Guild

A Little Late Reporting to Duty, But Nevertheless Quite Excited!

Hi Everyone:My name is Sherry Jones, and I currently teach college English Comp and Lit at multiple community colleges. I am quite excited to incorporate game-based learning principles into the design of my course, which will, of course, be game-...
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Presenting Yourself to the Guild

Who am I and why am I here???

Hello all. My name is Rich Lewis (aka Kalculator). I work as the Universal Technology Access Coordinator for a K-12 school district in north Texas. What that basically means is that I coordinate our online courses for students, facilitate staff...
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Presenting Yourself to the Guild

new to online gaming coming from an organizational training background.

Greetings, I am very excited to be "here" with all of you. I have only light gaming experience facebook games, simcity etc. I have designed and used face-to-face simulation games for learning for quite a few years. Sometime these have had computer...
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christopher21078Small D'lightful 9y
Presenting Yourself to the Guild

Here we go!

I am interested to learn more about games-based learning. Although I am not a gamer, I've used in-class competitions and even invented a few games to teach English (without a computer). Growing up, my family always played card and board games, so ...
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Presenting Yourself to the Guild

better late than never....

Greetings all! I am new to the worlds of online games and immersive environments, but I'm looking forward to learning more about them, and in particular how they might be used as teaching tools. I teach philosophy and humanities online, and I am a...
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Presenting Yourself to the Guild


Hello everyone,I have been reading about the gamification of education for quite some time, but since I am not a gamer, I feel that my lack of experience is hampering me. I am a partially retired 2nd language teacher. I now teach one online cour...
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Presenting Yourself to the Guild

Pirates or Ninjas?

The age old question... Hi My name is Lorri and I work as a training manager at an adult learning centre in a rural town in Victoria, Australia.I am a 6 year vet of WOW, a retired D&D Cleric and am madly digging holes and building in Minecraft...
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Presenting Yourself to the Guild


Greetings all,My name is Iulyan and I'll be one of the lurkers here. I am interested in this MOOC to learn more about game-based learning and get some ideas for my work. Thanks and have a great week.
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Presenting Yourself to the Guild


Hello...My name is Shanna. I am a full-time faculty in the Dental Assisting Program at Pueblo Community College, and am looking for some new, and creative ways to teach my classes, and introduce the idea of gaming into my lectures, and programs f...
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Presenting Yourself to the Guild

Hello from Boston

Hi everyone,My name is Apostolos (but most know me as "AK"). I work at UMass Boston and I like gaming (this interested in games in learning, and the gamification of learning). I am coming in as a blank slate - I have no specific expectations from...
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Presenting Yourself to the Guild

Work? Nah, lets play games :)

Hi all, I'm MattyBee and I work as a E-Learning Specialist with a regional building society.I have been involved in adult LEarning & DEvelopment since 1997 and since 2007 I have predominatly worked in E-learning design, delivery and assessment...
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Presenting Yourself to the Guild

Just who is the avatar and who is the real person?

Hello everyone, my real name is Valerie Noll, but my main toon in World of Warcraft is Amberhawk, and I answer to the name Amber faster than I do my own these days! My favorite things are learning, sharing knowledge and playing, so even if I'm not...
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Presenting Yourself to the Guild

Hello from CO,USA

Hello! Teacher, Speaker, musician, social enterprise business owner. Awaiting opportunity to play and learn.ChaiKowsky-Candace
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Presenting Yourself to the Guild

No Avatar Left Behind...

Hail! I am Maratsade in Azeroth, acting Guild Master of the Cognitive Dissonance Guild, and Maggie Marat in SL. Eager to learn wihin this budding community and share the experiences I have had with students in VWs over the last seven years. M...
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Maratsade 1898Small Maratsade 9y
Presenting Yourself to the Guild

Hello From Michigan

I am a physics teacher and curriculum director. I am very interested in game based learning mainly because I am not a gamer and never have been. I see the power though and want to know more about how to relate and reach the students that do learn ...
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Presenting Yourself to the Guild

Greetings Tech Trenders

I am Hope Botterbusch, aka Esparanza Freese in virtual reality. I'm a career educator who lives on the bleeding edge of technology in education. I'm always looking for new tools for teaching and learning. Gaming in education is one exciting to...
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Presenting Yourself to the Guild

Greetings fellow travellers

Currently I support and train people in the VET sector across all of Western Australia in e-learning. I see this MOOC as a great opportunity to discover and explore the world of online games for education.Recently at the MoodleMoot2012 (AU) the Ma...
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Yet1779Small Yet 9y
Presenting Yourself to the Guild

Gamer in the Springs

First: This is the coolest idea. A big thank you to Kae and the other organizers!Next: I teach College Prep English at Pikes Peak Community College in Colorado Springs, CO. I am gamifying an English 090 course this Fall, as part of a Game-based/Im...
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