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Presenting Yourself to the Guild

Zombies, pirates, and everything nice

Hullo, all, I'm Shila. I'll answer to Taia, Ama, or Percy (all 3 are game char names). Actually, my students find that I answer to most things. ;) I'm into text-based shared world games (more story-telling, really), I play way too many face book g...
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Presenting Yourself to the Guild

Hello my name is Rowan

Hello may name is Rowan. I work in the vocational education sector in Melbourne, Australia. I'm taking part in this MOOC to explore game-based learning so I can determine how it can be appropriately integrated into vocational learning experiences....
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Presenting Yourself to the Guild

Hello All!

I am a Anthropologist/Remote & Austere Environment Medic/International Public Health & Counterinsurgency Specialist. I teach Physical and Cultural Anthropology for CCCOnline & post-grad courses in Remote and Offshore Medicine at the Ro...
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Presenting Yourself to the Guild

Greetings from Sister X

Greetings all,I'm SisterX and I'll be one of the lurkers here . :) I am interested in this MOOC to learn more about game-based learning and get some ideas for my own work. I'll join in as I can but I'm mostly here to learn. Thanks and have a great...
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Presenting Yourself to the Guild


Hi I'm Neemana (IRL Trish), I am a N00b to gaming, only been at it for about 2 years, but I don't let that stop me. The whole idea that I can spend hours and hours in the flow of the game and not realize the time is going by intrigues me. And to k...
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Presenting Yourself to the Guild


Hello, everyone. My name is Semper Phi. I am a college professor of mathematics, interested in the power of 3D Virtual Worlds to deliver distance instruction. I am a lite gamer and would like to connect with others in the higher education field (e...
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Presenting Yourself to the Guild

Jelmer and really looking forward to this

Hi my name is Jelmer,I'm a K12 history teacher and an avid gamer, although I don't have that much time anymore since my two sons were born :)I've been gaming since my Atari 2600 and Comodore 64. In that respect I'm belong the first digital and gam...
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Presenting Yourself to the Guild

Hello from Texas

I'm a public high school Assistant Principal. I believe game based learning will be very important and I want to support my teachers as they research and implement. I'll be lurking. @rickhumes
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Presenting Yourself to the Guild

Hi, I'm Riven

I'm not a gamer - until recently I hadn't played a video game since Frogger and Tetris. I've been very active on SecondLife for the past 5 years, but that isn't a game :) Recently I discovered World of Warcraft via a tour led by some of Peggy Shee...
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Presenting Yourself to the Guild

Hello from AstroFukuda

Hi everyone. I am new to the gaming scene but I'd like to be able to incorporate it into my Astronomy or Physics classes that I teach. I'm excited to get started and learn what is out there to play with!(Therese Fukuda, Denver CO)
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Presenting Yourself to the Guild

Good morning all

Good morning,My name is Erin and I'm an Instructional Designer/Technologist with CCA's Online Learning & Instructional Technology Department. I am always interested in learning new ways to enhance education, engage students, and transform the...
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Presenting Yourself to the Guild

Greetings, my name is Hawkye.

Hello, everyone. I am Hawkye L. Narasumas - freelance superhero, paladin, time-traveler and all-around nice guy.I am currently a student at Front Range Community College in Boulder, Colorado. I am currently assisting one of the best instructors th...
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Presenting Yourself to the Guild

Greetings my name is Grasshopper98

In StarTrekOnline, a MMORPG, I am "Dilt" a female-Ferengi captain of the starship Scordatura, although I don't play that game much any more. I have played WoW and WarHammer, as well as other MMORPG games. I have an avatar for Second Life and ha...
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Presenting Yourself to the Guild

Jdreier checking in

Hi all, just checking in and introducing myself. I teach high school social studies in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and I'm here to find out what I can learn about gaming in the classroom, as well as how I can use these to improve upon what I currently ...
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Presenting Yourself to the Guild


Greetings all, I'm ColonelFlagg (Nate to those who know me IRL.)My gaming background goes back a long way to my little Apple 2e and copying code from magazines. No wait, I think I had my Atari 2600 first. It's all very blurry with the sleep depr...
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