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Big "G" Games Keynote

Jim Gee in comparison to the National Research Council

From Inside Higher Education Pellegrino said educators should be clear about the forms of thinking and reasoning they want students to be able to engage in, and they should teach students to reason within disciplines instead of general problem-sol...
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Big "G" Games Keynote

Jim Gee is awesome

Finished the video today. I had been looking forward to it since I saw it on the list of this week's activities. I've been introduced to Gee's work through my work in Applied Linguistics, but I've also followed his games in education related book...
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Big "G" Games Keynote

Thursday Livestream and SL Chat

We're doing a livestream discussion on Thursday at 7 pm - 8 pm MST (Denver) on Jim Gee's June 20th Keynote from Games for Change Our discussants will be Marianne Malmstrom (Knowclue Kidd), Peggy Sheehy (W...
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