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Questions about the Course


How long will this information be available after our 5 weeks is over?The information presented is a lot to absorb in our time period.Please advise.
Small MaryO 7y
MaryO74026Small kae 7y
Questions about the Course

Machinima by Video Clips?

I wasn't sure where to post this question, so here goes.I know that Machinima is supposed to be composed by screenshots of games. However, can Machinima be created by a collection of video clips like this one below?Minecraft: Rooster Has Gone Rou...
Small Mind Erasure 7y
Mind Erasure31326Small akoutropoulos 7y
Questions about the Course

stupid question I'm sure

We are supposed to contribute to discussions. Does that mean contribute to the forum topics? I didn't see any sub-topic entitled 'discussions'. Thanks and hopefully I am doing this correctly. Thanks.
Small kathyl 7y
kathyl82679Small grasshopper98 7y
Questions about the Course

Member activity is no longer working?

The member activity tab is no longer working the way it did at the begining of the course. This is an example with my link. now shows all of the activity in the mooc rather than just a single ...
Small christopher 7y
christopher41493Small christopher 7y
Questions about the Course

Leeroy Jenkins Award?!?!

I must admit that I wasn't sure who this was, and I was listening to the ATLAS video this week and I found out. So who gets this award? lol Someone who gets us booted off Shivtr for violating the TOS? ;-) hehehe
Small akoutropoulos 7y
akoutropoulos31903Small akoutropoulos 7y
Questions about the Course

so many videos...(yes I'm griping)

I knew I wouldn't fit in with the gaming culture here, but I am kind of overwhelmed by the way this course is constructed. Why are we watching videos of avatars talking? I just don't get it. Of course, I would much prefer to get information by ...
Small mathdanmom 7y
mathdanmom51899Small akoutropoulos 7y
Questions about the Course

The ARG link

Hi guys,Seen the new ARG link regarding TESLA vs Edison.Intrigued, I started to sign up. but when asked how can i help. I have no idea what it means. Not familar with ARG's at all, so any tips would be amazing!Thankyou in advance!
Small grieve_physics 7y
grieve_physics103405Small Games MOOC 7y
Questions about the Course

forum views?

Are there alternative ways to navigate the forums? When I go into a thread on page 2 or 3 of a forum and then come back up to the forum level. I seem to revert to page one of the forum. Is there a way to view the entire post in a flat view rather ...
Small christopher 8y
christopher41525Small kathyl 7y
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