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Looking for Collaborators?

Game layer on top of MOOC´s

Hi!I want to build the game layer on top og MOOC´s. I will need game designers, educators, everyone's help.I have experience in both Education and Video Game design. I previously worked as Director of the Animation and Digital Arts majors in two U...
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Patricio3d11958Member avatar small Patricio3d 9y
Looking for Collaborators?

Any researchers among us?

let me preface this by saying that I tend to bite off more than I can chew.That being said, If there are people in this MOOC interested in doing some research (and publishing the results in academic journals) on game based learning - keep me in mi...
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akoutropoulos21450Member avatar small jlambert1954 9y
Looking for Collaborators?

OK...this is what I want to do my Thesis on...

For those of you who aren't aware, I am working (slowly) on my M.Ed. in Distance Education and Instructional Design at the University of Athabasca in Alberta, Canada (interestingly, this university was where Seimens and Downes did much of their wo...
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Looking for Collaborators?

Global education conference

Wasn't sure where to put this! I feel bad -- I didn't mention to anyone here that I was a presenter at the GEC. So this is the link to the presentation I did:
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Looking for Collaborators?

Who plays Star Trek Online?

I am a big Trek fan, and I was happy to see that STO would be going to a Freemium model...but I am a Mac no STO for me. Any STO players out there that are willing to take some screenshots and post them to the Flickr Group?
Small akoutropoulos 9y
akoutropoulos146207Small grasshopper98 9y
Looking for Collaborators?

Connected Educator Month Collaborative

This sheet just went out on the twitterverse.Connected Educator is new...and we are still looking at it, but they are looking for collaborators.
Small kae 9y
kae11231Small kae 9y
Looking for Collaborators?

DoZI needs you! (Zombie Apocalypse)

Click here for the trailer and as much as I have right now for the Zombie Apocalypse, folks. I'm new to putting something like this together, so would love all the collaboration I can get, but I think it could be quite fun. I'd like to figure out ...
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