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What is Your Quest?

[Pinned] What is your Quest?

Hello There, Every hero needs a quest to begin the journey and inspire them when they are in the grips of grinding. So our question for you is: What is your Quest? or tell us why you have decided to join us in the exploration of games based learn...
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Abacus209004Small MagisterP 7y
What is Your Quest?

Sherry's Quest to Make Gaming Legitimate for College Courses

My experience has been that when I discuss with other instructors on how I use games in the classroom, instructors tend to look at me dumbfounded, as if I'm wasting class time letting students play games all day long (yes, making class fun is exac...
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Mind Erasure51722Small akoutropoulos 7y
What is Your Quest?

Orientation is Quest Enough, For Now

HiI hesitated to post anything until I had oriented myself within this particular MOOC world. After reading many of the posts in the various threads, listening to Jim Gee's video, and watching the WOW tour, I have come to the conclusion that I wi...
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What is Your Quest?

Grannie's Quest

I teach World Geography and Sociology in a small rural school which has a very high poverty level. When I think about my students, I see a group that has been given the shaft as far as learning is concerned. My quest is to find a way to open up ...
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GrannieTech1799Small GrannieTech 7y
What is Your Quest?

It's a little overwhelming!

After looking through the numerous resources and links, then more resources and links on those links, I am amazed at what's out there and how cool education can be. My realization that I have so much to learn in this area is a little scary, but a...
Small kathyl 7y
kathyl2919Small kae 7y
What is Your Quest?

Get Out of the Rut

I've been teaching the same course online for 10 years now. It's getting pretty dull. I used to be excited about trying new things in my courses, but lately that fire has died down. I'd like to try to stoke that creativity again. Perhaps, addi...
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natewadman41452Small kae 7y
What is Your Quest?

Fairly modest quest, but you have to start somewhere...

I'm not a gamer, unless you count playing Mahjongg online at Facebook, so I am here to simply familiarize myself with what's out there, and draw inspiration to create a gaming-style writing exercise in my creative writing courses. I remember back ...
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anghave2977Small kae 7y
What is Your Quest?

Riven's Quest

I'm a librarian, and I teach students about how to do research. I'm hoping to learn more about how games work and how good educational games are designed. My main quest is to come up with some ideas about how one could gamify something that's as p...
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rivenhomewood31355Small christopher 7y
What is Your Quest?

Scott's Quest - The BadBuddha hits the road...

I have two quests:1) I am on a quest to learn how to create my own MOOC environments2) I am also on a quest to learn practical ways of incorporating game mechanics into my school (as well as how to pump up other teachers about it!)
Small badbuddha0 8y
badbuddha021055Small akoutropoulos 7y
What is Your Quest?


Ok, I'm to use apps in such a way that they are fun but also have some value. Oregon Trail is looking like a good simulation right now. And Math Mage is a brilliant RPG intrinsically rewarding game.But my Don Quixotesque Quest for the AGES is this...
Small Neemana 8y
Neemana31210Small Mind Erasure 8y
What is Your Quest?

Amber's Quest

I am on a quest of discovery. I read today that it is through play we first discover our talents (Carl McDaniels). I thought about that and this MOOC much of the day, and have come to a conclusion: It is through play that we can (at any stage of l...
Member avatar small Amber 8y
Amber31198Member avatar small Amber 8y
What is Your Quest?

Seeq and (Hopefully) Find

My quest is to learn more about game based education and find some new games that I could use in the classroom. I am also the teacher librarian at my school and would like to introduce gaming and learning in that environment. Lastly I would like t...
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Seeq1665Member avatar small Seeq 8y
What is Your Quest?

Did someone say quest?

I can't pick just one quest, Abacus. I'm looking to devour more information, find other people's cool ideas to join, and (possibly) most importantly, recruit for and plan the Zombie Apocalypse. I work with both developmental and transfer-level Eng...
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Shila21000Small kae 8y
What is Your Quest?

Mary's quest

I am here to see why I should incorporate games into my courses. I teach Photoshop and Illustrator, plus other Adobe products.If anyone has suggestions for me, I encourage posts.Thanks.
Small MaryO 8y
MaryO21129Small Shila 8y
What is Your Quest?

Aev's Quest

I'd love to both expand my knowledge of games in education but also get more grounded in the theory related to it (and debate/take in others' viewpoints about the theory/authors)
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