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What Games Do You Play?

mostly browser games

i mostly play browser games og mmog lately i got addicted to E-Sim it's bassed around economy and driving your own business, or fightingfor your country. it only takes 10 min. a day to do the task, but still i can play for hours. i also play LOL s...
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camnorajn11072Member avatar small camnorajn 4y
What Games Do You Play?

Board gamer here

My primary gaming activity is modern board games. I did an online series for about 5 years about board games called Board Games with Scott and like to get together regularly with people to explore modern board games.I appreciate the slower pace ...
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Scott Nicholson51324Member avatar small rian88 4y
What Games Do You Play?

Offline shooters and adventure games

Sure, there may not be that much glory in shooters (Goldeneye, Halo, Gears of War), since one might argue that they are all the same game but with different skins, but it's nice to be the hero and save the day ;-) I tend to play offline because I...
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What Games Do You Play?

Games I Play

I have been playing games ever since my mum bought Pong a few (*cough*) years ago. Since then I have become a very serious gamer (too many on Steam to mention) of both computer and board games (only just ventured into more "geeky" board games and ...
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What Games Do You Play?

Mostly Solo...

I live and work online interacting with other people. So, when I get time to relax and unwind, I find myself gravitating toward single player games. Currently, I'm playing OOTP (a textbased baseball simulator) and Crusader Kings 2. Both have mu...
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natewadman3858Member avatar small rian88 4y
What Games Do You Play?

Final Fantasy

For me, Final Fantasy is the end-all, be-all of games that have shaped my life. Ever since I played Final Fantasy VII back when I was 16, I have been SOLD FOREVERMORE on RPG/Interactive games. I have played every Final Fantasy since then (with the...
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Hecatera2680Member avatar small zelo205 5y
What Games Do You Play?

jokaydia plays...

Minecraft is the most consuming and compelling environment for me at the moment... playing with my little guildies at Massively Minecraft is a joy! ... and I'm learning so much about how kids connect via games-based communities. Other games on my ...
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jokaydia2728Member avatar small zelo205 5y
What Games Do You Play?

my games

I'm a big fan of the fantasy genre, I like magic and classic weapons, but not a big fan of shooters or war type games. I play WoW although i'm not too serious with it. I got the new Diablo game after loving DII a long time ago, and was a bit dis...
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What Games Do You Play?

What games do I play?

The games I like to play (in no particular order) are:Tekken (Any in the series)BioshockMax Payne 2Unreal TournamentHalf LifeRezHeavy RainLittle Big PlanetI've been fiddling with web services that contain gamey-elements such as Foursquare and Supe...
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rowan_peter61696Member avatar small larryselina 5y
What Games Do You Play?

The games I play

My gaming is pretty well all console and phone based - I try to keep games off the PC so that I can get work done without getting distracted. So this eliminates WoW (though I've never been that excited about fantasy themes anyway). I am pretty par...
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colsim41071Small kae 5y
What Games Do You Play?

Minecraft! (and others)

I like to play Minecraft, and I own 2 out of 3 versions (Mac, Xbox 360). I also have convinced several friends to start playing, whether that be on their own or as part of a server. I'm a member of two private, vanilla (unmodified) servers where...
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Crim92457Small Crim 5y
What Games Do You Play?

My games: Short Attention Span and Consumer Stuff

I have a short attention span for games. I used to play ADD when I was in high school and that was a lot of fun, but those sessions were always a little longer than I liked. When I have time to play, I mostly play console games now and, with the...
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What Games Do You Play?

I play these games...

I am interested in a wide range of games, from Tiny Tower on my iPhone to Portal2 and Minecraft.I use games with my grade 6 students, and we use Lure of the Labyrinth, Villainy Inc, Wii Sports, Mario Kart, Big Brain Academy, Buzz, Kinect Adventure...
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What Games Do You Play?

Games I Play

SkyrimMinecraftPortal 1 & 2WoW - Use to play... by being part of this MOOC, considering re-activating my account
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grieve_physics2727Small kae 5y
What Games Do You Play?

FourSquare, GetGlue, Nike+ --> Do you play?

Like I wrote in a previous post, I like the questing/interactive/achievement experience, so it's no wonder that I'm drawn to FourSquare and Nike+ (I don't watch enough television beyond children's shows to use GetGlue). Does anyone else consider t...
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Hecatera2855Small akoutropoulos 5y
What Games Do You Play?

Maratsade Challenges You To A Game Of...

Chess?Words with Friends?ANY Big Fish GameWorld of WarcraftLOTROMinecraftSWTORDiabloPortal & Portal 2and I am a Minecraft Nooob :)
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Maratsade 1691Small Maratsade 5y
What Games Do You Play?

Connecting on Achievement services - motivation?

Maybe this is a topic for a subsequent week but let's talk about gaming services like OpenFeint (iOS, Android, windows phone), Gamecenter (iOS) and xbox live (xbox, windows, windows phone). First, any interest in connecting there with fellow Game...
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akoutropoulos2856Small Scott Nicholson 5y
What Games Do You Play?

Games I Play Besides Angry Birds

Yes, yes, I still play angry birds and FB games, but I am also very into complex RPGs with intriguing storylines (Final Fantasy I to FF infinity anyone?).I've been so busy with teaching classes that I forgot to indulge in games once in a while. I...
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Mind Erasure2917Small akoutropoulos 5y
What Games Do You Play? I play...

Right now I'm fully immersed in World of Warcraft and exploring raiding with Cognitive Dissonance. A raid is working collaboratively in teams of 10 to 25 players to master the hardest content in the game. Players in these raids must be optimized f...
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Abacus2834Small akoutropoulos 5y
What Games Do You Play?

Is anyone getting SuperBetter?

Hello everyone!Just wondering if anyone here plays SuperBetter? I've been playing it for a few months now and although I haven't had an Epic Win I am getting superbetter by completing daily quests, activating power-ups and beating and losing to ba...
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