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What Games Do You Play?

World of Warcraft

I started in high school playing D& D (Dungeon and Dragons). I always carried around a d20 because you just never knew.These days I am playing World of Warcraft in an educators' guild called Cognitive Dissonance. We just did a showcase at ISTE...
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What Games Do You Play?

Games, games, games

I play WoW, I am Horde (For the HORDE), I am on Earthen Ring server and I have a level 81 Paladin Blood Elf, A Death Knight, and a Paladin Taurin...wish my Taurin was the level 81 she can kick serious butt! I want to migrate to another server, the...
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What Games Do You Play?

Amber Plays:

Active currently: Dungeons & Dragons (3.5 ed)World of WarcraftDiablo IIISpider Solitaireless actively but current: MinecraftBejeweledDraw SomethingWords with FriendsFarmvilleRarely, or when the occasion presents itself: Killer BunniesMunchkinT...
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What Games Do You Play?

Grasshopper 98 plays:

World of Warcraft, once in a while, but usually under a friend's avatar, I don't have a subscription, WarHammer up through the free levels, don't have a subscription, StarTrekOnline, have subscription, Minecraft about 2-3 hours a day through summe...
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