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What Else?

The Great Big MOOC Book

Last year I had an idea that a number of motivated individuals would be interested in getting together and creating a "Great Big MOOC Book". It is a tentative title and I used it because I thought it would be catchy.I publicized it a bit, but it ...
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What Else?

Gaming Addictions

I do not mean to be a "downer" for this class, but what is the feeling about the gaming addition problem? Just recently, there was a big article in Newsweek and now I see new ones on the Internet. Does it mean the following or more than that?:...
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What Else?

Next-Level Attendance?

Help?I want a better way to take attendance in my game-based course this Fall. I have a couple strange ideas, but I was hoping someone out there might have a better way. I am thinking something tactile, and easily recorded. Any ideas? Thanks!MLE4AND
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What Else?

How do I get to the games?

Novice here, I cannot find where we play Darfur or anything else. Please advise, Mary
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What Else?

Where/How Do I post screen shots etc?

I see the image slide show but I don't see where to add to it. Am I being obtuse?
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