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Report on the META

[Pinned] Report on the Metagame

Choose a game and provide a summary of the Meta sites that you find dedicated to the game. Give us an overview of the information available. Would this assist you in design a project or assignment using that particular game?
Small Games MOOC 9y
Games MOOC52494Small TejasGamerProf 9y
Report on the META

Meta Movie about Monopoly

Over the weekend I happened to watch the Movie, Under The Boardwalk: The Monopoly Story on netflix. Here is the trailer on youtube. is a great look at the meta game surrounding monopoly. I was struck by ...
Small christopher 9y
christopher12203Small christopher 9y
Report on the META

More Meta!

With big G games like WoW there is a whole community outside the game as well as people who get so immersed in the game it takes over their life. So much so there is in the load screen, a message from Blizzard, "bring your friends to Azeroth but d...
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