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[Pinned] On Hiatus until June 3rd

Hello Everyone!We had a great Games MOOC III. We'll be back on June 3rd.Thanks,Kae
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[Pinned] Creoso, Mellonamin! Welcome!

So glad you can join us in GameMOOC III! Fiero moments and “hard fun” (term coined by Seymour Papert) will be had by all. I come from the world of higher education with ardent curiosity on games and play as part of the learning process. As this se...
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[Pinned] Adventure, RPG, Puzzle, Strategy Games Enthusiast Reporting for Duty!

Hello Games MOOCers!I'm Mind Erasure (aka Sherry Jones), and I've been obsessed with digital games since the days of Atari and Famicom, when Qbert and Arcanoid were the bomb and table arcade games were played by the top game pro leaguers/nerds (oh...
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[Pinned] Welcome EduGeeks and Lurkers alike!

Hello, thank you for taking time to read my intro post!I am LeeDale (AKA Kate Hagerty) and I am an online/f2f educator and an online administrator in Colorado. I came to be involved in this GamesMOOC by way of Kae and Abacus, so it's their fault. ...
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[Pinned] Introducing Myself to the Games MOOC

Hey Everyone!I am an instructional designer who is passionate about learning. In fact, I spend a lot of my free time learning from exceptional teachers across the globe. This learning does not take place in a classroom, school or university. I spe...
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[Pinned] Hello and Welcome

Hello all,I've always been a gamer playing pretty much anything I could access. Growing up I played a lot of games: card games, board games, D&D, organized and intramural sports, and worshiped at the altars / consoles of Atari, NES, and EA Spo...
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Abacus31754Small Mind Erasure 9y
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[Pinned] It's a-me, Hawkye...o?

Hello, everypeople!I'm Hawkye, gamer since roughly the Bronze Age, and supporter of edumacation. I like games, gaming, gamers, and generally spending my time in an enjoyable yet unproductive manner.I play any number of games including MMORPGs (Wor...
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10 hottest movies Cannes 2013

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Hello, it's me, Grasshopper98, want to tell you all how much I appreciate you!

Well, by the big clock on the wall (I always envision the Dali painting of the melting clock) it is close to the end of this MOOC III we still have things to do and wonderful awards to give out in a ceremony, Kae is shining up those badges!I just ...
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Winning at the Game of Life

Welcome! *cheers* Being a gamer is to embrace a culture, a lifestyle and a way of life that breathes excitement and energy into everything that we do. Over the decades, for an educational professional to admit that you were a gamer was a profess...
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What happened? Guides and Guilds

Greetings all!! Delighted to be here to provide morale support for another round of irresistable intrigue and professional development. *jumping* and *twirling*If I wrote an autobiography it would probably be called, "What Happened?" So often it s...
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Hello, Welcome, it's me the "Grasshopper98) Hopping back to see you all

Welcome to participants and lurkers alike. I actually lurked on some other MOOCs regarding gaming during the break between the last session of our MOOC and the beginning of this session. Hopefully I can share some of the ideas that were presented ...
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