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Introduce Yourself to the Guild!

[Pinned] What is your Name, What is your Quest?

Hello There!This is your introduction. Every hero needs a quest to begin the journey and inspire them when they are in the grips of grinding. So our question for you is:What is your Quest? or tell us why you have decided to join us in the explorat...
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Abacus8923629Small grasshopper98 6y
Introduce Yourself to the Guild!

Greetings to you

My name is Trevyn (yes that’s my real name) and I’m very excited to be joining the Games MOOC project. I’ve worked with Kae before for a few years now but mostly behind the scenes. I’m personally looking forward to seeing how this Games MOOC runs ...
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Trevyn.Slusser11400Small Trevyn.Slusser 6y
Introduce Yourself to the Guild!

Hailing from the land of wa

"Wa" in Japanese means peace, or harmony. The opposite of tension, an ingredient in all good games and stories. I am beginning a quest to apply games to language learning at a university level. I am sure there will be lots of hills to climb, drago...
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Introduce Yourself to the Guild!

New to this

My experience with games has been solely through watching my son play many varieties of violent shoot 'em up/blood-quest adventures over his shoulder. Many times, I have had to focus on one corner of the screen because the activity gave me vertigo...
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Introduce Yourself to the Guild!

Hello from truegrit

Finally it's Friday, official professional development time. I haven't even had time to look at any of the materials for this week yet, but I did go to an informal talk by Sean Duncan this morning, so maybe that counts for something.My actual name...
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truegrit51270Member avatar small vidic07 6y
Introduce Yourself to the Guild!

Life After Death

I realized today that I put my introduction under MOOC II yesterday. So here it is again :).Hi, I’m Lotus – in Second Life/SL, Lotus Greene; main toons in World of War/WoW, Lotao (Horde guild, Inevitable Betrayal) and Lotoa (Alliance guild, Cognit...
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Lotus31024Member avatar small rian88 6y
Introduce Yourself to the Guild!

Hello everyone,

It is a pleasure to be "Mooc ing " and playing with all of you.I teach accross the biology curriculum and I am interested in incorporating more games in my classes.Looking forward to learn from all of you.Farah
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Introduce Yourself to the Guild!

Hello All

What is your name?Sam, King of the Britains (that is, in Civilization V)What is your quest?To seek and find the Holy Grail (of education).What is your favorite color?, yellow!Hi everyone! I really enjoyed looking through your posts and g...
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Introduce Yourself to the Guild!

Hi EveryGamer!

Hello all,My name is Stevon, but please call me Eschrichtius or Steve (like Minecraft Steve! Really!). I work as an instructional media coordinator for Oregon State University. I'm not a programmer, but I love games and especially STORY, and so my...
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eschrichtius61538Small grasshopper98 6y
Introduce Yourself to the Guild!

Hello, Forumers!

I am quite involved in games lately, and am very impressed with the pedagogy surrounding the use of games. I think the enjoyment and pursuit of games is built into our DNA, and is puzzle solving and abstract thinking about the reason and meaning...
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Taki 183 41119Member avatar small vidic07 6y
Introduce Yourself to the Guild!

finneycanhelp - Learner and Sharer of Knowledge

I love people and cherish knowledge. Credentials: I have a Masters and Bachelors in Computer Science. I obtained the Masters at Colorado Technical University.I am the Chairperson of the Mentor Program in my department at work. We match up those wh...
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finneycanhelp102792Small grasshopper98 6y
Introduce Yourself to the Guild!


Hi all,This is not my first day I have been trying to figure out how to be part of the group and the light came on, I had to sign in. Ya I'm a little slow. Any how my mission is to lurk around and see what this MOOC is all about. I teach at a c...
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Introduce Yourself to the Guild!


Hello everyone,Myself Rian newbie in this forum. Hoping good time for me here by joining this community. Vietnam travel agencies -Mekong delta tours-Paloma cruise
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rian8841266Small grasshopper98 6y
Introduce Yourself to the Guild!

My Introduction

Hello, I am late! Hope I can at least still lurk in this MOOC that is halfway done. Well better late than never :)I am an instructional designer at a small college in Alberta (that's in Canada). I am new to ID and to gaming, so I am a real newbie ...
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Run31006Small grasshopper98 6y
Introduce Yourself to the Guild!

Games for K-12

Greetings,I am a technical support specialist in five schools, K-12, in west-central Vermont. While my professional responsibilities are technical in nature I'm always looking over the fence to the ed tech side where everyone seems to be having gr...
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Introduce Yourself to the Guild!

Hello again, I am the "Grasshopper98" Glad to be here again.

In real life I am Cherriethel (Cherry) Emerson, and work as a part-time professor at Front Range Community College, teaching Anthropology, Ethnic Studies and sometimes Criminal Justice classes. I also teach a class in Anthropology of Religion for...
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grasshopper9851319Small grasshopper98 6y
Introduce Yourself to the Guild!

My introduction

Hi everyoneI am a very new person to games in many ways although I do know a bit from working with a grad student on his dissertation in this area...My quest in this venue is to learn more about the basics of using games in higher education so tha...
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flower41200Small Leedale 6y
Introduce Yourself to the Guild!

Well Met and Greetings fellow game lovers.

Hi - My name is Brooke Petrucelli - going by Xenaqueen for my username. I am an elementary technology teacher. Games in Education is something I truly believe in and have a passion for. I recently spoke at our New Hampshire technology confere...
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xenaqueen51304Small grasshopper98 6y
Introduce Yourself to the Guild!

Michael Barry: Can I do it right this time?

Hello all I signed into GamesMOOC II several weeks late, but tried to make up for it with hyperactivity. I'm happy to say that the infection took hold, and I'm studying a postgrad research degree through Charles Sturt University (in Australia). My...
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Introduce Yourself to the Guild!

New Thread and Updated Goal

Lance P here, Latin teacher and gamer off-and-on for life (realization after reading/posting about games). I am looking for a way to incorporate gaming in the Latin classroom. After this week's activities, and a bit of playing around on
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