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Lurking Learning Games & Simulations Researcher and Creator

Hi, I'm Josh, and I'm a gamer, among other things.I'm really excited to see Games MOOC happening, and so many thoughtful educators participating. Like all of you, I imagine, I'm super busy, with a demanding job (but who can really say that with a ...
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Is there a place in the gaming world for a pacifist?

I'm approaching this topic very tentatively. I have only a very distant relationship with gaming primarily because I associate it with adolescent male fantasies of power enacted through games of warfare and theft. I have warily dipped my toes in...
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Relevance vs Relic

My quest is to stay current with technology and the way it is shaping our epistemologies about learning. I am an instructional designer in a higher education environment, with over 20 years of experience in training, design, project management. I ...
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K4sons AKA Thunkin

Greetings! I have always enjoyed games. Some of my earliest memories are of my grandmother teaching me a variety of card games to play with her when I visited. I am a Second Lifer, Bridge player, and recently a WOW addict. Last summer I enjoyed re...
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My quest....oh Yes!

Hey everyone. I am an Algebra 1 and Geometry teacher at a urban public high school in Northern California. Our school has roughly 1900 students that have been divided into 4 academies. I am part of the Media Tech Academy, and I think game based le...
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Mary from Maine

Hi All I may know some of you in SL as Serena Offcourse. I am also active on JokaydiaGridIn WoW I am Mainiac and ZinnialunaI've found great professional development in SL and a wonderful PLN.Hoping to learn more about games in education - possibly...
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Howdy from Kansas!

My name is Dana Atwood-Blaine and I was a K-9 educator for 12 years before starting the PhD program I'm in now at KU. My field is Curriculum and Teaching, specifically Elementary Science Education. I also have expertise in geography, specificall...
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Hi Everyone!

What a great way to learn about game-based learning! I am a beginner. . .maybe even a pre-beginner, but am very excited about learning from each of you. Instructional design in the online environment is one of the things I do. I also teach Engli...
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Taselian Intro

Hello!I am an instructional designer for a well known Moodle provider and I have been gaming for about 2 years now, mostly in WoW. I've been out of the loop for the past couple of months because of work but with this MOOC I'll be getting back into...
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Game to Learn Gaming

Hello! I'm an instructional designer at a public 4-year university. I collaborate with faculty to create online courses. I am well beyond the age of those who grew up with gaming. This is a fairly alien concept for me, but one that I know I need t...
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Non-Duality and Web Design in New York State

Greetings! 8)My name is Bob Yavits, and I have been the “Instructional Software Specialist” at Tompkins Cortland Community College.” We are in upstate NY, about 10 miles from Cornell University. In this role, have assisting our faculty with their ...
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Games and Online Learning

I am director of writing at an online college in NY State. My interest in games, like most, people, dates back to childhood. Early on my interest has been in sports based games both board and video not to mention the actual games themselves like g...
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