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Favorite Game and/or App

Where narrative rules

While my first favorite will always be D&D -- all the way back to the red box, and am really enjoying the D&D Next playtesting in large part because they've brought back electrum pieces (not really. it's shaping up to be a great system, b...
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Favorite Game and/or App

Building stuff

My favorite apps allow me to construct things. Virtual worlds, for me, are all about creating/building/designing/ stuff. I constructed a skill-building course in SL on a college campus, for new students. A virtual colleague and I built the SIGVE p...
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Favorite Game and/or App

Ok. my new favorite, Questa - Online Researh Library app.

FREE APP - - and one day free trial, the real cost at their website is:Membership planPlease select the plan that best fits your needs. After your free trial is over, your membership will begin for the plan you have selected and will automatically...
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Favorite Game and/or App

oooo tough one

game would either be smite or WoW. App I'd have to go with my star map app for my droid ^^
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Favorite Game and/or App

Plants v Zombies Just some light-hearted Friday afternoon play

We looked at this game last session in the MOOC and I did download it, my granddaughter who is 19 loved the game, so I got her to let me do a youtube video of her playing regarding the educational benefits. Actually you do learn strategy, conser...
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Favorite Game and/or App

My favorite game: BRAID

(I just lost a very long version of this by testing a link in preview mode. When I hit the back button on the browser, my long post was gone. ARGH--and that has NOTHING to do with alternate realities...).For me, my favorite game is BRAID, which ...
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Favorite Game and/or App


Mahjong is my go to game app that keeps me blissfully occupied in otherwise boring situations. I was stuck on What's the Word? until passing all levels and for awhile was playing draw that picture game with my daughters.
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Favorite Game and/or App

GUESS MY RACE - Works for understanding concepts of race and ethinicity

Not sure this is available for ANDROID, they also make a game called "Who am I?" both have to deal with the concept of race (race doesn't exist we are all one) and shows you that trying to put people by looking at them into a "race" category isn't...
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