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Fun, Flow and Fiero

[Pinned] Talking about Fun, Flow and Fiero!

As an educator do you see these concepts in your class or course?Do you see these concept happening outside the classroom and if so where?How do we bring these into our classrooms or online?Can Keller's ARCS model assist in this?
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Fun, Flow and Fiero

Flow - How do you encourage it?

So, fellow educators, what do you do to create flow in your classroom? If it's games-based, all the better!By the way, don't fall into the assumption that "games-based" always means "digital games-based". Or, just go ahead and use this forum to br...
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Fun, Flow and Fiero

Hard Fun - Increase Fluid Intelligence

Today I wrote a blog post titled Level Up Your Fluid Intelligence.One can increase your fluid intelligence and the blog post shares what Fluid Intelligence means and how to increase it.
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