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Jane McGonigal

[Pinned] Talking about the TED Talk

From Jane McGonigal in the TED Talk Games Can Change The World tells us games provide1) Urgent Optimism2) Social Fabric3) Blissful Productivity4) Epic MeaningWhat do you think?
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Jane McGonigal

What An Eye-Opener!

Wow! I had no idea gaming could offer such practical and inspiring benefits. Jane's talk gave me an unexpected new perspective that I had not imagined possible (kind of like an epic win!). I have never played any type of World of Warcraft game and...
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Jane McGonigal

Jane Inspired Me To Dive In

My dive into Game Based Learning and Gamification began with watching Jane McGonigal's TED talks. My first was the game that can give you 10 extra years of life. I realized that Psychology, technology, and Game Design have come together at last.I ...
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