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How Games Reward the Brain

[Pinned] How Games Reward the Brain.....

Ted Talk - Tom Chatfield: 7 ways games reward the brainAuthor summary of video1) Use an experience system2) Multiple long and short term aims3) Reward for effort4) Rapid frequent clear feedback5) Element of uncertainty6) Window of enhanced attenti...
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How Games Reward the Brain

A Low-Tech Adrenaline Rush

I am going to post my portfolio entry about this experience, but for those wanting to experience a really low-tech (looking) game with a huge emotional payoff, check out the Diffusion Simulation Game from (I think) Indiana State University. I am ...
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How Games Reward the Brain


Interesting research on how, contrary to popular belief, dopamine actually causes motivation instead of pleasure. this might be an interesting article ...
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How Games Reward the Brain

How to reward all effort and de-stigmatize failure

Personally, I think my biggest struggle as an educator is assessment. I try to de-value "grades" as much as possible and I'm really trying to de-stigmatize failure. I use a portfolio system in all of my classes now and that has helped.I really zer...
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How Games Reward the Brain

Reward system

In Tom Chatfield's talk, he mentioned a system created by Everquest players to motivate and reward each other with "dragon kill points," which could be later used to purchase items out of game. It seems to me that many other games, including World...
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