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AR TOOLS & Products


Has anyone played with Aurasama yet?
Small kae 8y
kae148293Small Lleshrad 8y
AR TOOLS & Products

AR Sights

Has anyone else spent an afternoon on AR Sights? last time I used it, it was free to download (still is, it appears). Users are able to render 3-d rotatable models of various landmarks via webcams and a couple printed d...
Small MLE4AND 8y
MLE4AND31450Small Lleshrad 8y
AR TOOLS & Products


Not sure if this is the place for this but here it is. Is anyone playing Ingress? I am not a big gamer but I have to try this out! I got my access code yesterday and downloaded the game but have not had a chance to really play. I did pick a side t...
Small Lleshrad 8y
Lleshrad42481Small Lleshrad 8y
AR TOOLS & Products

AR General

Well my mind is blown. I downloaded the app for Spacecraft 3D and printed the marker. And up pops the little Mars rover in all it's glory for me. I just giggled. And that was my first AR experience. Then seeing the videos for SCVNGR and Aura...
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xenaqueen41818Small Lleshrad 8y
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