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Guild Officers and Consigliere

[Pinned] Welcome everyone

Hello all,I've always been a gamer playing pretty much anything I could access. Growing up I played a lot of games: card games, board games, D&D, organized and intramural sports, and worshiped at the altars / consoles of Atari, NES, and EA Spo...
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Guild Officers and Consigliere

Salute from the doc side!

Greetings dear fellow artisans of play. So thrilled to see the original GamesMOOC continue to explore new avenues of learning. Good fortune placed me at the right virtual place and time to participate in the original GamesMOOC where I met so many ...
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D'lightful32159Small kae 8y
Guild Officers and Consigliere

Since We're Going by an International Theme Here, Nihao!

Hello Good Folks at Games MOOC!This is Sherry Jones, an avid gamer and enthusiastic consigliere for Games MOOC. I have been with Games MOOC since Games MOOC I was released, and I am still learning new concepts every time the course is being offer...
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Guild Officers and Consigliere

Howdy Yall

Bluebarker here to give you a full and hearty welcome to the coolest group of educators this side of the interwebs.Another Instructional Designer with a background in 2D/3D graphics, I do a bunch of the building and visuals for the different group...
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Guild Officers and Consigliere


Hello, all, I'm StoriesforNick on here, Shila in real life. I teach English, mostly composition, at a couple of community colleges. I love story-telling, and collaborative story-telling done right rocks my universe. That's how I come to games, I l...
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Guild Officers and Consigliere


It's a pleasure, and something of an honor, to be participating in this iteration of the gamesMOOC. One of my particular interests is exploring methods for seamless integration of technology into curriculum. After participating in the gamesMOOC w...
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Guild Officers and Consigliere

Greetings to you

My name is Trevyn (yes that’s my real name) and I’m very excited to be joining the Games MOOC project. I’ve worked with Kae before for a few years now but mostly behind the scenes. I’m personally looking forward to seeing how this Games MOOC runs ...
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