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[Pinned] Make Your Avatar!

Please make an avatar and give it a backstory. Is this an avatar you currently use or one you may use for as the guildmaster for the "Build Your Guild" badge? If you already have a character or avatar one great! If not you can consider making one ...
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kae124364Small Dr. Why 8y

[Pinned] Using “Making an Avatar” as a Project

Could you have your students make an avatar as a project? What subject area would you use it in?
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kae103879Small ThereseEllis 8y

[Pinned] Avatar, Alts and Toons

Do you have more than one avatar? If you do please share and tell us about it.
Small kae 8y
kae62755Small Case Dirval 8y

Zorriah in WoW

So, as I mentioned in my intro post, I'm a newbie when it comes to WoW, although have played lots of other RPGs. I created a new character in WoW this week. The character creation process was actually pretty familiar to me, since I've created l...
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This is probably cheating a bit, but hopefully you'll indulge me. I haven't played an MMO in several years, and don't really want to start now. I have a bunch of characters I've created in single player games that I could probably use, but figurin...
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blueAppaloosa42330Member avatar small gomagoma 7y

This whole avatar thing... here we go. :)

Hi, all, So, as I've probably said before, I tend to play more collaborative story-telling text-based games, so the avatar thing is a little foreign to me. Well, ok, I play quite a few Zynga games, so I can't claim not to have some love of mini-me...
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StoriesforNick21221Member avatar small gomagoma 7y

Interesting podcast on Avatars and The ideal self

Still working on catching up, but recently found this discussion:Video Games Let You Be All You Can Be - so do I want my Avatar to be my ideal self ("I always wanted to be an female elf with blue hair, which cheekbones just like David Coultard or ...
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Lori's Avatars

I am a bit of an avatar junkie. There are so many possibilities in Second Life.This is my standard avatar that I use for teaching and presentations:Her clothes and hair sometimes change but the skin, shape, and eye color remain the same.Sometimes...
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Diantha_Petrov21282Member avatar small gomagoma 7y

My avatar

I created this avatar for use on MC. Not sure how to take my MC avatar so that I can post it on here and it looks nice so I made it my profile picture. Her name is Princess Kitty and she is good at mining and ok at building. She is sassy and mo...
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miggy1922Small miggy 8y

3D Gamelab?

Anyone use 3D Gamelab? Is it worth the price? At $14.95/mo that's $179.40/yr, which makes the $245/yr seem the better choice. That's a lot of money.
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EducatorAl31641Small EducatorAl 8y
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